2015 Fraud Report Trends (Infographic)

Fraud is not going away – at least not anytime soon. That’s why we want to be proactive when it comes to fighting fraud. For the third year in a row, IDology launched our annual fraud report. We use valuable information and insight from our customers about what they’re seeing in hopes to educate others about the state of fraud, where it’s heading and new and shifting tactics.

This year, we’ve discovered that overall suspected fraud attempts are on the rise, phishing is becoming more widespread, fraudulent mobile activity is rising due to the popularity and use of mobile devices and many other valuable insights.

IDology recently launched a new infographic featuring top highlights from our 2015 Fraud Report. Check out the 2015 Fraud Report Infographic by clicking the image! For more information on fraud trends and to download our free IDology 2015 Fraud Report, click here.

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