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Good news! I’m finally making some strides in my age verification education quest I discussed in my last post. Anick Jesdanum with the Associated Press covers IDology in his recent article Age, ID easily hidden on Web I’d say the only thing missing from this article is how quickly an age verification solution can be deployed to address the 80% of adult users on Yes, age verification of minors (ages 14-18) is not an issue that we can solve overnight. And, it does take a village to find the best and safest for our children. Yet, incorporating a valid age verification solution today would be a huge stride in the right direction and help prove just how viable age verification can be. Thanks Anick for bringing this issue to light.

I’m off to Vancouver this week to attend the Liberty Alliance Identity Open Space forum. This will be my first experience participating in this forum and I’m anxious to meet several of the key players involved in Identity 2.0. Particularly Kim Cameron who points out on his blog today some interesting comments made by Marcus Lasance:

“When consumers can assign preferred identities to trusted vendors and more anonymous identities to things like chat rooms we will eliminate the need to enter reams of personal information on webpages we dont necessarily trust; organizations will reap the financial rewards by cost savings and better quality of information.

However, in my opinion, the really big money will be made by a few, select organizations with the financial clout and public-trusted brand names to become the default public identity providers. Remember an InfoCard does not store the actual information, just the links to it. The information itself has to be stored and secured and backed up somewhere. Some kind of identity meta system will emerge, backed by a few powerful players. Organizations will emerge with similar roles that Swift, BACS, MasterCard and VISA now perform for financial services network.”

I certainly couldn’t agree more with this assessment and how timely since this relates back to the points we made to Anick regarding verified identities.

On another good note, we (IDology) recently launched version 3.2 of our ExpectID product suite to help us stay ahead of this fast growing identity market.

– John

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