Assuming an Identity on MySpace…

I recently came across this blog post which discusses how easy it is to assume someone else’s identity on MySpace:

That’s right…I can sign upon MySpace under your email address and assume your identity. MySpace does send an email to verify the email address – but you do not have to click on the verification email to use MySpace. You can still do everything on MySpace you’d always do – like creating an account, adding pictures, adding friends, and generally being active on MySpace.

You can assume anyone’s identity on the number one site in America. But this is only if that email address was not used to sign up for an account.

While you might already grasp how important identity management is in other areas, you might not quite realize the impact and danger of not having some sort of identity management in place on a social network. I think Auren’s post makes an excellent point and cause for an age and identity verification system:

Though this can be fun and tame … like me signing up as Clark Kent @ … it can also be used for malicious purposes. Someone can assume another person’s identity, get people to trust them, and be fooled when that person goes to verify their email address in MySpace (which is the only way to verify someone today).

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