At RSA 2009

Spending the week in sunny San Fran for the annual RSA security conference.  A great kick-off to the conference was the Liberty Alliance Workshop that took place yesterday called “Harnessing the Power of Digital Identity.”  We’ve been involved in the Information Card Foundation since it was formed and have been a leader in helping to establish Trusted Identities online for several years now.  It was exciting to see the launch of the new Information Card Foundation website that coincided with the workshop.  And it’s great to see the real-world use cases of Information Cards in the market being featured both on the site and during the workshop.  I definitely recommend that you download and read the whitepaper on the site titled “The Information Card Ecosystem: The Fundamental Leap from Cookies and Passwords to Cards and Selectors”.  It was authored by Craig Burton (one of the founders of the Burton Group) and gives a good overview of Information Cards and what it all means to users, relying parties and identity providers alike.

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