An Identity Verification & Fraud Prevention Program Case Study

Improving the customer approval process is key, whether your business operates in a financial, retail or government space, and more. As fraudsters constantly develop new tactics to gain access to accounts, products and services, it is up to the organization to employ robust identity verification and fraud prevention techniques that both simplify and enhance their real-time customer authentication program. It’s up to everyone to work together to eliminate fraud and by leveraging the power of a collaborative fraud network, businesses gain the tools they need to fight back.

At the same time, learning from other organizations and their approach to fraud prevention brings insight so that your organization can take steps toward increased security and more efficient verification. By partnering with IDology, was able to ensure that legitimate customers received a seamless experience, while also meeting necessary regulatory and compliance requirements.

What Is is an online distributor of reloadable prepaid cards and creates a unique and customized solution for its customers. Cardholders load money onto their cards in a number of convenient ways, including cash, via direct deposit or by transferring funds from one card to another. This secure and easy-to-use prepaid account is mobile focused, giving customers a convenient way to bank while on the go. is an alternative to branch banking, and its products and services are FDIC insured.

What Situation Did Face?

As an organization that operates in the customer-not-present space, faced challenges when it came to Know Your Customer (KYC) rules and establishing a robust Customer Identification Program (CIP). The company needed to ensure that its legitimate customers could easily gain access to services, while also putting strong fraud prevention measures into place. In addition to meeting compliance rules and industry regulations, sought to establish a fraud platform that allowed it to leverage a collaborative network and tools.’s goal was to be able to successfully identify and stop potentially fraudulent transactions from occurring. While increased security and verification techniques are important for the growth of, so too is the ability to create a frictionless environment for customers. From the sign-up stage, through the entire customer lifecycle, the organization looked at its consumer experience to find ways to improve what it was already doing right. This meant finding a solution that enhanced the onboarding process, while also stopping fraud in its tracks.

How Was IDology Able to Help?

IDology’s robust and on-demand identity verification solutions work together to drive customer acquisition by verifying that a customer is who he or she claims to be. In addition to giving peace of mind in knowing that was working directly with legitimate customers, the IDology platform helped meet compliance requirements. chose to work with IDology due to its reputation in the verification industry, as well as its collaborative fraud prevention tools and ease of use.

Has the partnership been successful for After delivering increased approval rates over a trial period against a competitor, IDology has given the tools it needs to collaborate with leading organizations in an effort to fight fraud. In addition, has leveraged the on-demand platform to create a verification system uniquely suited to meet its needs.

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