Data Privacy Everywhere…

If there are 2 words that have permeated every online business in every industry, they’d probably be “data privacy.”   No surprise really, since a look at today’s Chronology Breach Report shows 542,590,837 data records have been reported as being breached since 2005 when the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse started tracking this information.

As consumer’s we want to keep all of our data locked up tight and can be reluctant to share it with anyone.  But how does this translate into our business lives where there is a real need to know more about consumers?  Not only so we can deliver better value to our customers, but also to protect our businesses from fraud and financial loss.

Data is a big factor in the identity verification industry and very top of mind for the security and compliance professionals we work with every day.  Which is why it’s the focus of the latest IDentity Matters podcast.

Take 10 minutes and listen to An Inside Look at Identity Data: A conversation with data expert Chris Luttrell and learn a little more about data as it relates to identity.

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