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New for 2020! ExpectID with International Data

All of us at IDology are pleased to announce the result of years working toward our vision of a single identity verification platform with global capability: We have integrated international data into our flagship product to create ExpectID with International Data!

Our best-in-class identity verification solution, ExpectID, now incorporates data from additional countries in North America, South America, and Europe. What exactly does this mean? In short, we are now able to arm our customers with the ability to verify and authenticate more customers worldwide safely, in real time, and without friction—all from one place.

The realization of this vision is a direct result of IDology’s acquisition by its UK-based parent company GBG. Combining our knowledge and assets with GBG’s industry-leading resources enabled us to deliver on the promises we made to our customers. 

We’re thrilled to bring our clients another level of competitive differentiation in their marketplaces as well as safer, easier IDV solutions. 

ExpectID for International Identity Verification

Why go international?

Fraudsters and criminals pay no attention to state lines or country borders; in order for identity verification solutions to keep up with—and stay ahead of—the constantly evolving fraud landscape, international data is essential.

The work of IDology’s development and product teams to integrate international data into our ExpectID platform represents an important step toward true globalization and wide-reaching fraud deterrence. We’re making fantastic strides in this natural (yet complex) next phase of ensuring that any business, regardless of location, has access to frictionless, secure identity verification—and the accompanying revenue increase.

ExpectID’s value proposition

With this development to IDology’s ExpectID platform, clients and prospective customers will realize tremendous efficiencies as they expand their reach and offer frictionless onboarding with best-in-class anti-fraud tools to companies in multiple countries. Fraud is global, after all, so fraud deterrence and identity verification should be too. 

Here are some additional benefits of the ExpectID international solution:

  1. Incorporates data from multiple countries
  2. Uses a single API
  3. System can be managed via intuitive point and click interface
  4. Escalates when necessary via a seamless process
  5. Clients rely only on one proven vendor and platform

IDology has been the trusted leader in the identity verification and fraud deterrence spheres since 2003. We stand out in a crowded marketplace because we offer ease and simplicity. Our solutions integrate easily via a single platform with multiple, fully customizable layers. Our products offer seamless escalation; robust reporting; and transparent, easy-to-understand identity attribute intelligence.

Fraud Deterrence and Identity Verification on a Global Scale

The ultimate goal of the identity verification and fraud deterrence industries is to create better, more secure digital identification for individuals worldwide—essentially, what the McKinsey Global Institute refers to as a “good digital ID” in its spring 2019 white paper “Digital identification: A key to inclusive growth.”

While those of us in developed, first-world countries are well accustomed to digital IDs, McKinsey reports that roughly half of the world’s population still relies on paper IDs (or has no formal identity documentation at all). Enabling good digital IDs for those who lack them opens access to financial services and the global economy at large for a significant number of people. In fact, McKinsey’s research estimates that widespread adoption of good digital IDs could open the global economy by 3 to 13 percent of GDP in 2030. 

IDology’s solutions incorporate location intelligence with multi-layered international identity verification and comprehensive, machine learning- and human expertise-powered fraud detection and deterrence capability. With the internationalization of our industry-leading ExpectID platform, we’re proud to enable organizations to verify the identity of all of their customers, which opens the digital economy for everyone, everywhere.

The identity verification and fraud deterrence spheres are growing exponentially, with the Identity Verification as a Service industry predicted to grow to $20 billion by 2022. At IDology, we aspire to be the leader in identity solutions as the industry grows, helping any business in the world interact simply, safely, and securely with its customers.

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