Hats off to Zoeys Room

Thanks to all the recent media hoopla surrounding age verification and MySpace, we were able to establish a partnership with a social networking site – Zoey’s Room. (click here to read the full press release) What’s unique and exciting about this is that Zoey’s Room members are ages 10-14. So much of the press coverage and industry focus has been on not being able to age verify kids because of the lack of data on this demographic. Until recently I think this has been used as an excuse. But obviously the tide is turning.

On a side note, IDology and this announcement were covered in a Wall Street Journal article yesterday titled New Ways to Prove You Are Who You Say You Are Online (subscription required). This is a great article giving a consumer-focused view of online safety and Identity 2.0. Although she doesn’t mention “Identity 2.0” she speaks to the heart of it in the teaser headline on the front page of the paper which says “Building Trust Into Web Identities.”

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