How We Are Heating Up the Lead Verification Industry this Summer

It’s official. As of today, we’ve announced our launch into the lead verification market. For quite some time we’ve been helping companies verify the identity of their online consumer leads (see our case study for DMS Research, a division of AOL and an online marketing survey panelist company), so really this is more just a formality – but it’s exciting still the same.

Online consumer lead verification is a natural market for our identity verification solutions because at the end of the day, a good, profitable lead all boils down to the person.  Is this person real? Do they really live at this address? Is this their phone number? Is he/she trying to scam something from me? These are some of the burning questions that identity verification answers to help determine the good, the bad and the ugly.

Many lead verification vendors in today’s market provide just simple data matching. And since IDology’s solutions go beyond this by presenting intelligent insight into an identity’s quality and characteristics, I believe we are offering this market some real hot competition.

We created a whitepaper to help explain the value of lead verification and why identity verification is so important so be sure to check it out: Converting Leads into Profitable sales: 5 Reasons Why Lead Verification Works.”

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