Identify Yourself as an Organ Donor On Facebook

I’m a minority. I’m among the 43% of the population registered as an organ donor. I’ve been an organ donor ever since I started driving many, many years ago.

I was excited to hear Facebook’s announcement on Tuesday about sharing your organ donation status on the popular social network. This kind of exposure and support will hopefully mean I’ll change to a majority status.

I became an organ donor at my local DMV. Since then the opportunities for registering to be an organ donor have expanded. In fact, some time back we blogged about our work in the organ donation community.   We are helping both the New England Organ Bank, the oldest organ donation organization in the country, and the Nevada Organ Bank facilitate more organ donor registrants.

With the increase of identity theft, many people often associate identity verification with stopping fraud. Yes, this is a benefit of using an automated identity verification service. But it’s just one piece of the puzzle. The real benefit is being able to process more approvals…transactions….business.
When increasing the rate of business means allowing more people to register as organ donors and save lives, that’s pretty cool.

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