Identity & Privacy: Can Privacy Concerns Lead to Big Business?

By: John Dancu

With a background in investment banking, I’m always interested to see where venture capitalists are investing.  According to a Wall Street Journal article I read earlier this week, privacy-related start ups are the new favorite.

Consumer privacy, while not a new issue, is definitely a hot topic of late; thanks mostly to the Facebook controversy over the past few weeks.  And it looks like the market is ripe with 3 privacy-related companies recently closing a combined total of $35M in funding.  But as analysts point out in the article, these companies still face the challenge of getting people to pay.

Here’s a list of a few of the privacy start-ups the article spotlights:


What do you think?  As a consumer, would you pay a subscription rate for any of these services?  And if so, how much?

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