Impacts of Identity Risk on Governments

Government agencies, like any organization that offers services to consumers, must continuously employ robust identity verification and fraud prevention programs in order to safeguard citizens from identity theft and fraud. Fallout associated with identity theft costs the United States government precious dollars and resources every year. In fact, the Huffington Post reports that fraudulent unemployment benefits payments totaled $3.3 billion in 2011 alone, because claims were illegally filed using compromised identities.

Fraudsters relentlessly work to develop new ways to gain access to sensitive government data, and to then exploit this information to commit criminal activities. This is why it is imperative that government organizations invest in identity verification systems that ensure legitimate customers can access their desired services and that fraudsters are kept out.

The impact of identity fraud on governments requires these organizations to take a new and dynamic approach to addressing fraud and protecting their citizens. IDology offers customizable solutions to meet these verification needs through the ability to control access to critical information, prevent identity theft and ensure that benefits and services are accessible to the right citizens, when they need them.

Managing Security and User Experience

As is true with any business or organization, governmental agencies must be able to strike a balance between sometimes cumbersome fraud prevention programs and the overall user experience. Over the last decade, organizations have been able to streamline the identity verification and authentication process through online platforms which allow for multi-layered authentication and the ability to escalate to a higher level of verification only when needed. Additionally, organizations have been able to further enhance the manual review process through online photo ID scanning and verification solutions. IDology’s ExpectID Scan Verify solution can be used to save time and money while improving customer service. Acceptable documents include:

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • State Identification
  • International Identification

The result is a system that allows an agency to verify more legitimate citizens, especially thin file identities such as those who are young or new to the country. This is useful for students applying for financial aid, as well as for Social Security and retirement benefits.

Identity Risk Scoring for Government Agencies

With so much money lost each year to fraudulent tax returns, benefit payments, and other scams aimed at government entities, these organizations must be able to assess risk in real time and react accordingly.

IDology’s ExpectID Score enables government organizations to create risk-based scores and evaluate customer behavior which can simplify the approval process and enhance business rules regarding fraud. This is done through a customizable system and adaptive scoring models that allows you to assign values to transactions based on fraud thresholds. For example, low-risk transactions can be easily processed with minimal friction, while high-risk transactions are flagged for further review.

To learn more about how IDology can help you achieve your verification goals, set up a demonstration by calling 866-520-1234.



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