The Evolving Patient Portal, with Increased Adoption Brings Increased Risk (Infographic)

Medical identity theft is a growing problem. Medical related identity theft accounted for 43% of all identity fraud committed in the US in 2013. And unfortunately, that number is anticipated to rise. With recent headlines containing news of healthcare data breaches, it is clear that healthcare organizations need to employ robust solutions in order to protect their patients from identity theft and fraud. As Electronic Medical Records grow in use and patient portals increase in adoption, healthcare organizations will inevitably experience more risk.

What is a patient portal and how do you decrease fraud and prevent identity theft within them? Check out IDology’s new infographic below. Also click here to download our whitepaper called “Improving Patient Portal Adoption and Decreasing Fraud with Advanced Identity Verification Solutions”.

Fraudsters use more and more sophisticated tactics to attempt access to patient portals. Identity and access management tools have needed to evolve in order to stop fraud. Strong identity verification is the first line of defense when protecting patient portals from fraud and stopping medical identity theft. View our full infographic by clicking the image below.

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