Digital, Frictionless, and Mobile: Insights from the 2nd Annual Consumer Study (Infographic)

For the second year, IDology surveyed a representative sample of online American consumers to learn more about identity, security, and how they have interacted with businesses online over the past 12 months. This year’s survey shows three major trends:

  1. Consumers consider their identities to be increasingly digital compared to last year.
  2. Consumers want and value frictionless verification processes, and will abandon account signup if they don’t get it.
  3. Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices (20% of Americans registered for new accounts exclusively on their smartphones last year).

The findings from the Second Annual Consumer Digital Identity Study show that consumers want businesses to provide secure, friction-free experiences with a focus on the mobile experience. This is a challenging balancing act, but businesses that do this successfully could see a dramatic increase in enrollment and loyalty. To learn more, download the full study.

infographic of data from the consumer study


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