Keeping Identity Verification Simple

The rules of engagement in today’s digital economy are simple – make it easy for your customers or they will go elsewhere. The trick when partnering with an identity verification provider is to deliver an amazing experience to customers but at the same time have the right amount of fraud controls in place to keep out the bad guys. The way the system is designed and implemented is also just as critical.

“From an identity verification and access management standpoint, we feel that the way to strengthen security is by giving users as much control over the verification process as possible,” says Chris Luttrell, SVP product management at IDology. “The problem with fraud is that criminals are constantly adapting their attack vectors, so a system needs to be flexible and able to adapt to those shifting patterns,” she says. “Creating a system that doesn’t require multiple implementations is going to save everyone time and make them more efficient at fighting fraud. Some feel, from a revenue perspective, that creating solutions that are more of an inflexible black box can add up to more implementation fees down the road, but it really doesn’t help your customer solve their problems.”

How API’s are designed is key too, she says, using a simple REST interface that has a flexible response allows customers more options if needed, when their needs change. “And, by giving your customers a way to configure the behavior of your API in real time, without requiring you to make custom changes, gives them a way to optimize your API and quickly respond to the evolving threat landscape.”

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