Most Effective Use of Identity Verification in a Call Center Environment

Identity verification solutions are just as important in a call-center environment as they are online. Delivering a satisfying customer experience on the phone can be a make-or-break opportunity for many organizations. Whether companies are dealing with new or existing customers, if they trust you today, they will do business with you tomorrow. However, as incidences of identity theft and fraud continue to rise, it becomes even more important for organizations to establish new and innovative ways to protect customer identity and convey trust.

When it comes to a call-center environment, utilizing dynamic KBA – knowledge-based authentication is an effective way to verify a customer is who they say they are without putting your business or your customer’s privacy at risk. Dynamic KBA works by presenting a series of fact-based multiple choice questions which only the person being verified can answer. These questions are dynamically created and do not require a previous relationship with the consumer. Click here to understand more about dynamic KBA.

When implementing identity verification solutions in your call center, here are some tips to make the process more effective:

~ Automate as much as possible using a streamlined verification process

  • Shortens call times
  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Increases revenue

~ Utilize dynamic KBA to quickly approve orders and/or customer account changes

  • Reduces multiple call transfers
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduces fraud
  • Keeps you compliant

~ Look for a solution provider that offers several types of questions and allows you to set preferences for which questions will be asked

  • Flexibility to adapt to your customer’s demographics and preferences
  • Make changes based on CSR (customer service representative) feedback

~ Utilize non-credit based questions

  • Credit-based questions tend to be less friendly and harder to answer, even for the real person

~ Reduce the amount of personal information required to verify an identity

  • Limits the amount of data exposed
  • Reduces the chances of employee misuse
  • Reduces the chances for caller coaching

~ Find a solution that is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Shorter implementation
  • Multiple deployment methods
  • CRM integration

For more information on how to improve your call center performance, download our whitepaper here.

TechValidate, a third party research organization, recently conducted a survey of our esteemed customer base.  33% of organizations surveyed have deployed IDology’s identity verification platform into their call centers (Source: Survey of 45 users of IDology ExpectID. View the validated response here).

When customers were asked why they chose IDology for their identity verification platform, here is what they had to say (Source: Survey of 46 users of IDology ExpectID):


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