Our 2013 Fraud Survey & Analysis

IDology is happy to announce that we have released our 2013 Fraud Report! The report, which is based on a survey released through TechValidate, a third party research organization, is a collection of responses from senior executives within IDology’s customer base.  Individuals polled come from various industries including healthcare, retail, telecommunications, energy, banking and financial services. The companies included range from large enterprise organizations to small businesses as well as non-profit and educational institutions.

Within this report is a wealth of statistics about today’s business challenges with fraud. Some major highlights include:

  • Suspected fraud attempts continue
  • Website applications bear the brunt of suspected fraud attempts
  • Credit, debit and prepaid card fraud lead the pack, but types of suspected fraud vary be industry
  • Organizations feel they are most prepared to prevent credit, debit and prepaid card fraud
  • #1 industry challenge is the shifting tactics used by fraudsters
  • Average suspected fraudulent transaction is under $1k
  • IDology customers benefit from a comprehensive fraud prevention platform.

The fraud report contains an abundance of valuable information regarding today’s fraud landscape. Data collected includes information on suspected fraud attempts within the last 12 months and if these attempts have either increased or decreased. We also take a closer look at where suspected fraud attempts are most prevalent as well as what types of fraud are most common. Additionally, we examine what types of fraud organizations feel they are most prepared to detect and prevent fraud along with industry challenges when dealing with fraud prevention.

This report presents the collective input of some of the worlds most talented and diligent anti-fraud practitioners and will provide you with useful insights that can help you identify emerging threats as well as additional opportunities for your own business.

To download a copy of IDology’s 2013 Fraud Report, click here.


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