Phishing Season Has Begun…

People not involved in the security industry may not realize the impact of the Epsilon data breach that was announced last month could have on the,m personally or in their business. After all, it was “just email addresses” that were stolen.

In reality, this breach could have big repercussions to both consumers and businesses. It’s not like going for a swim in the ocean where the odds are pretty slim that you won’t be attacked by shark. This is more like being in a salt water lake with some aggressive bull sharks circling about – the pool of water is smaller, and the sharks are hungrier and highly adaptable.

The biggest risk of these email addresses falling into the wrong hands relates to “spear phishing” which was announced as the cause of the RSA breach that occurred this past March. If employees in the security industry can be tricked by a phishing attempt, what are the odds that a lesser security oriented person can fall victim?

Phishing as a fraud tactic has been around for awhile and we were curious what the average consumer knows about phishing. In our latest episode of IDology’s IDentity Street Beat, we interviewed a few people and the results were mixed…

Want to know if you’d fall for any phishing bait? Take this phishing quiz and tell us how you scored in the comments section.

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