Possible Fraud Scam Alert: US Airlines Phishing Letter

Beware!  A new marketing or fraud scam has popped up recently by mail.   While sorting through my Christmas cards (and bills!) today I found a very official federal looking “final notice” letter addressed to me designed to look like something from the IRS or state government.  It was marked extremely urgent.


Upon closer examination, I discovered it was also marked as “NOT A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT”  which caused my fraud radar to go off.  Being curious and an advocate for identity theft protection I decided to check it out.  Here is what I found, told in a familiar Christmas rhyme….

T’was right before Christmas and all through my town, fraudsters were sending fake letters around.

I opened my letter – and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

An award notification for 2 round trip airline tickets to just about anywhere!  (Ok, not anywhere, they were within the continental U.S. but work with me on my Christmas parody.)

I dashed to the phone, and placed my call; I wanted to investigate and report back to ya’ll. (Yes, I’m a southerner)

Greeted by personal questions quite broad; I knew in a moment it must be real fraud.

Do you live alone? How much money do you make?  Can you give me your credit card number for travel reservations sake?

I spoke not a word and went straight to my work.  I needed to blog my experience and tell ya’ll about these jerks.

So here me exclaim, be this letter really fraud or not;

Not falling for any phishing tricks protects your identity a lot!

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