Recon & Social Engineering Lead Call Center Fraud Schemes

Suspected fraud in the call center environment is growing, according to IDology’s 2015 Fraud Report. Fraudsters are increasingly launching attacks on call centers, looking to bypass security measures or trick representatives into divulging information or granting access to legitimate users’ accounts. Automatic Number Identification (ANI) and voice deception are two common tactics used by fraudsters, but a majority of executives polled for the Fraud Report believe that recon and social engineering are the most prevalent schemes seen. In order to fight back against recon and social engineering, as well as other methods of call center fraud, organizations must be able to gain increased confidence in their identity verification techniques to ensure a caller is who they say they are.

What Are Recon & Social Engineering?

When attempting to gain access to an account or set one up in another person’s name, fraudsters need to be able to get through an organization’s id verification processes. Recon and social engineering are used to trick call center operators into giving fraudsters the information they need. By using recon tactics, a fraudster may use a variety of tactics to learn more about the verification process, such as the information requested by the representative. They may also scout the relationships between a call center and the rest of the organization to see if they can impersonate a manager or coworker to gain the access they need.

Social engineering a non-technical method of intrusion that relies heavily on human interaction and often involves tricking people into giving a fraudster their personal information. Once a fraudster obtains this personal information, it can then be used to access or open an account fraudulently. By using social engineering techniques, fraudsters can build off of their recon intel. For example, they may navigate a call center’s automated filters to reach a live operator, who can be tricked into allowing access.

How to Gain Confidence in Caller Identity

In order for call center operators to gain confidence that their representatives are working with legitimate callers instead of fraudsters, they need to improve their identity verification systems. By simultaneously boosting their fraud prevention platform, organizations such as banks and credit unions are able to strike a balance between operational efficiency and fraud prevention. Call center managers must take a multi-layered approach that helps mitigate the risk associated with the human element while also improving the verification process.

One of the reasons that recon and social engineering are on the rise is that call center operators have the information fraudsters need at their fingertips. Training employees on the importance of protecting personal data and implementing IDology’s identity verification and fraud prevention system allows organizations to have dynamic tools at their disposal. In addition to stopping social engineering, robust verification systems that can authenticate callers are important for stopping ANI spoofing and other call center fraud tactics.

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