Santa came early at IDology and brought us a new blog design!

Faithful readers of the IDology blog will notice a few changes. First off, a new blog name! We are now “Identity Matters” because, well, it does, and we are always blogging about different topics related to identity. (Santa sure is clever.)

We are categorizing things a little differently too to simplify how you find posts related to identity, age, fraud, privacy and other more general topics. In Hot Topics you’ll find our latest updates and the posts that get read the most.

We’ve also moved our blog to a new domain. Even though we’ve set up a redirect, be sure to update your blog reader if you subscribe using an RSS feed. (And be on the look-out for an email subscription option soon!)

Finally, we’ve upgraded our social media efforts by making it easy for you to tweet our information or share it with your Facebook friends and colleagues.

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