The Constantly Evolving Battle Against Fraud

There is no doubt – the battle against fraud is constant and evolving. Fraud can be a devastating crime for many innocent victims. It can also be a very complex issue to fight. Identity theft alone has become a big business with the number of malicious programs written to steal your information growing rapidly as well as the number of fraudsters who have learned to “beat the system”.

Having the right tools and solutions in place to verify that your customers are who they say they are is a crucial element for not only protecting your business, but also your customer’s identities. If fraudsters are able to get through your barriers, your company could not only lose a substantial amount to fraud, but your customers would feel the pain as well.

At IDology, we provide the additional support customers need to fight the constantly evolving battle against fraud. Our innovative solution can quickly transform and adapt to stay ahead of the ever-changing fraud landscape. In real-time, IDology fraud algorithms give customers the control and flexibility to quickly pinpoint suspicious behavior and easily make the ongoing changes needed to prevent fraudulent transactions.

TechValidate, a third party research organization, recently conducted a survey of our trusted and valued customer base.  Here is a summary of a few of the results:

26% of surveyed organizations stated that their main use of IDology’s identity verification solutions is to process high risk transactions (View the validated response here).

“IDology’s solution to prevent fraud was easy to implement and has decreased risky transactions in eCommerce.” ~ Application Manager, Small Business Computer Software Company: View the validated response here.

80% of surveyed organizations’ overall fraud losses have declined since using IDology’s identity verification services (View the validated response here).

“[We] mostly reduced the amount of spurious and suspicious enrollments into our prepaid card programs [with IDology].” ~ Patrice Peyret, CEO, Plastyc Inc. (AKA Upside Visa): View the validated response here.

IDology provides a faster, safer way to identify legitimate customers so you are able to complete more transactions in less time. We enable an advanced dynamic decisioning solution that allows our customers to analyze the composition of an identity and detail what the data really means. All in an on-demand system that customers can control to approve legitimate customers and deter fraud.

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