Top 6 Things We Learned at the Prepaid Expo

The Prepaid Expo wrapped up yesterday and what a show!  From the sound of it, everyone we talked to this week is hopefully going home a winner – at least when it comes to industry knowledge.  While what happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas, I couldn’t help but share the Top 6 Things We Learned:

6. Prepaid is still rapidly growing.  People are expanding their offerings and new programs are being launched every day.  There are more new uses for prepaid cards every day.

5.  Fraud is still a big concern.  Identity verification is helping to meet compliance but it’s also a good tool for preventing fraud.

4. Mobile is hot. Even though mobile is emerging, it’s already gaining a lot of interest as evident in the Google Wallet program winning in the category of Best Innovation.

3.  Commercial Banks are going to have to figure out how to get a piece of the prepaid revenue pie.

2.  There is still a lot of interest and anxiety about regulations.

1.  TxVia and Visa really know how to throw a great party!

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