Trolling the Identity Blogs

I do realize that my dedication to posting has been rather sporadic lately. What can I say; it is a busy time of year.

I spent some time this week catching up on what others have been blogging about lately and there are some good posts I want to point out for you.

First, Kim Cameron is back in high gear commenting on identity happenings of late. Be sure to read Ready or Not: Barbie becoming an identity provider which is based on an article by Kevin Poulsen on Wired’s Threat Level last week. You also need to check out Massive breach could involve 94 million credit cards which discusses the update to the TJX breach that happened almost a year ago; Breached which describes the most recent hack to Kim’s blog; and That Elusive Privacy which is a funny look at Kim’s self proclaimed “digital birthday” by Craig Burton and why it couldn’t survive social networking sites. By the way, I also see that Kim was named No 33 on the Top 50 Agenda Setters for 2007. Congratulations.

While you could get lost reading lots of good stuff in/from Kim’s blog there are some more items you should check out elsewhere, including Valleywag’s post about the bank intern who got busted by Facebook. He missed work for a “family emergency” and then posted a picture of himself at a Halloween party in NYC (dressed as a fairy) on his Facebook profile. You might also want to read InformationWeek’s Richard Martin’s post titled Facebook, Feds, Close In On Online Privacy discussing online privacy issues, Google’s OpenSocial and Facebook Ads. Finally, Mark Dixon’s synopsis from Mobile Internet World which took place in Boston this week provides some good insight into the mobile market in general.

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