Why Preventing Identity Theft Involves Company Culture

Some folks over at InfoWorld are really championing the prevent identity theft cause these days.

Today Mario Apicella wrote a piece on his personal story with identity theft and the legislation the DOJ has drawn up to combat identity theft. And last Friday, Robert Grimes had commentary disputing some of the GAO’s report that concluded identity theft isn’t really a problem but that the process of notifying consumers whenever their personal financial information has been compromised is. (His sarcasm is really evident just in the headline: Identity Theft? What identity theft?)

Of course I can see how the GAO came to this conclusion because incidents of identity theft can go undetected for years. But I’m thankful to see that the DOJ is taking the strategic plan of the President’s task force to heart and being proactive in protecting both businesses and consumers.

I particularly liked Mario’s slant on the action that should be taken:

“Companies must do their part in combating identity theft – not just wait until mandated by law.”

Yep. We do. And it involves company culture. Protecting and preventing identity theft is not just a back office IT concern. It’s also a customer service concern because protecting a business should focus on protecting your consumers. This leads to a sales and marketing concern since happy customers often drive more sales. Of course, finance is already concerned because of the losses and costs associated with identity theft. And then finally HR is concerned since employees are the one’s delivering all the above.

Really I don’t see any part of a business that should not be concerned with the impact of identity theft and wanting to be proactive about preventing it.

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