Why Your Smartphone Camera Poses A Picture Perfect Risk to your Kids Safety…

Uploading a picture to the Internet of your child at a sporting event, on vacation or even in your own house that you took using an iPhone or Droid might be a convenient and easy way to keep your relatives and friends in the loop on little Johnny’s childhood, but it’s also presenting a big privacy risk to you and your kids depending on the location settings you’ve set up for your phone.  Having GPS location services turned on for your camera means that you are uploading not only the picture but also the ability for people, including predators and bad guys, to pinpoint the exact location where the picture was taken.  Pretty scary stuff when you think about all the holiday and birthday party shots you’ve uploaded.

Just watch this newscast from NBC Action News and you can see the dangers…

The good news is, it’s an easy fix.  All you need to do is update your location settings on your phone and wah-lah, your privacy (and your child’s safety from online predators) is restored.

The youtube newscast video shows you how to turn off geolocation services related to your camera on an iphone.  To recap you need to:

  1. Click on your general settings icon
  2. Select Location Services
  3. Turn the button next to Camera to Off

Droid X users will handle this a little differently.  Here’s a video we put together to show you how to turn off geolocation for your camera on a Droid X:

To recap you:

  1. Click Camera icon
  2. Click the menu button
  3. Select Tags
  4. Turn the check mark off next to the Auto Location Tag
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