You Know You Were Born in 2011…if your social security number is completely random.

As of June 25, 2011, the Social Security Administration is changing the way it issues social security numbers to babies and new in country people by randomizing the entire 9 digits.  Previously this has been limited to the last 4 digits.

While the change is designed to increase the longevity of Social Security Numbers (there are approximately 420 million Social Security Numbers for assignment. However, the current SSN assignment process limits the number of SSNs that are available to people by each state); This is good news for identity safety because it will make it much more difficult for bad guys to glean information about people based on their social security number – that is if the SNN is issued after June 25, 2011.

There is a lot of emphasis in the media placed on financial fraud. But identity theft takes many forms including someone using your Social Security Number to gain employment, file taxes, commit crimes and more.

Regardless of if you have an “old” SSN or a “new” SSN, the same safety rules always apply – memorize your number, secure or shred documents that have your SSN listed on them, never give your social security number to a business you don’t trust, and most of all be aware of the different email and voicemail phishing attempts used to get your SSN and/or other personal details.

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