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From Mobile Verification to Authentication, Eliminate Friction & Deter Fraud

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IDology's suite of Digital Authentication Solutions delivers a seamless authentication experience that leverages real-time mobile carrier data. These solutions are designed for the way your customers interact with your organization across all digital entry points—mobile, tablet, and desktop. Digital Authentication Solutions can be utilized as a single-use application for account openings, or continually for account logins and password resets, to remove friction and maintain a higher level of trust.

Real-Time Insights
Real-Time Insights
Obtain device attributes and mobile risk indicators for a more accurate risk assessment.
A Frictionless Experience
A Frictionless Experience
Use mobile network data to authenticate customer’s mobile devices quickly and invisibly.
Improve Trust & Security
Improve Trust & Security
Remove password burdens and build trust with a mobile identifier that persists across devices, networks, and account changes.
Save Time & Money
Save Time & Money
Attract new customers and retain existing ones with faster, behind-the-scenes solutions.

IDology Digital Authentication Solutions offer multiple ways for you to authenticate customers. These solutions can be deployed depending on level of risk or how your customers interact with your business.

The Digital Authentication Solution Suite


Mobile Identification with ExpectID® Mobile Authentication

Authenticate mobile logins with a high level of trust and no friction. Authentication occurs behind the scenes, requiring no effort from the consumer and eliminating the need for one-time passcodes. ExpectID Mobile Authentication can be used for one-time authentication or for continual transaction monitoring. For higher-risk transactions, additional attributes such as mobile change events, account tenure, account type, and network status can also be verified.

Better Authentication with ExpectID® Secure One-Time Verify

ExpectID Secure One-Time Verify leverages the same device authentication as ExpectID Mobile Authentication, but delivers it via a secure, one-time link sent to consumers’ phones. This method is more secure than a traditional one-time password because it cannot be spoofed or intercepted. By using a secure link, rather than tedious code, customers can access their accounts quickly and still have peace of mind knowing that two-factor authentication has occurred.

Autofill Information with ExpectID® Verified PreFill

Completing a form on a mobile device is often a source of friction and frustration for customers. ExpectID Verified PreFill streamlines the process by auto-filling enrollment forms using mobile network operator CRM data. No more tedious typing or “fat finger” mistakes to slow down the onboarding process.

Prevent Spoofing Attacks with ExpectID® Call Verification

Greenlight and move legitimate customers through the contact center by validating that the reported phone numbers are actually in session. This lessens the level of authentication needed from customers, while also preventing number spoofing and social engineering attacks by verifying incoming call provenance in real time.

Stay Compliant with ExpectID® Number Verification

Maintain compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by reviewing the customer phone numbers in your CRM against historical and real-time mobile network operator data. This ensures customer device ownership has not changed since the last date verified, keeping you in compliance. Learn more.

IDology’s products do everything we need them to do.

– Traci J., Risk Specialist. Payment Processing Company.

Implementation & Configuration

Effectively fighting fraud is a group effort. IDology’s Consortium Fraud Network amplifies real-time fraud intelligence between companies and across industries, giving you the power to leverage the fraud mitigation efforts of every IDology customer. A combination of machine learning and human intelligence work together to detect repeat transaction attempts across the network or flag specific attributes associated with known fraud.

We couldn’t say we improve the verification process if we made it difficult to deploy any of our identity solutions. Depending on which solutions and delivery methods you select, you could have our identity verification and authentication solutions up and running in a matter of minutes or just a few days, without large upfront costs. Potential delivery methods include: web portal access, API integration, and batch uploads (delivery methods vary by solution—contact us for more information).

With criminals attempting new tricks every day, being able to quickly meet the rapidly changing fraud landscape is a necessity. That’s why IDology offers easy-to-use, completely customizable technology. Our unique, on-demand identity verification and authentication solutions offer point-and-click flexibility so that you can change rules and settings within the system whenever you want, 24/7, without burdening your IT team. With IDology, you manage the identity verification process from start to finish.

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