Identity for Financial Services

Real-Time Identity Verification & Authentication to Deter Fraud, Drive Revenue

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Improve Experience

Improve Experience

Verify and authenticate consumers in real time across digital channels to deliver a seamless, secure experience.
Drive <br> Revenue


Verify and approve more legitimate customers—faster and with less friction.
Custom Fraud Deterrence

Custom Fraud Deterrence

Utilize tailored fraud monitoring and access to consortium data to stay ahead of shifting fraud trends.
Maintain Strong Compliance

Maintain Strong Compliance

Get help staying compliant with regulations and laws, including KYC, CIP, FFIEC, and USA PATRIOT Act.

Increasing account signups while decreasing fraud can feel like a balancing act. IDology’s identity verification, authentication, and fraud deterrence platform enables industry-leading financial institutions to onboard and authenticate customers with nominal to no friction. Utilizing our unique solutions, financial institutions and credit unions can deliver a better user experience while lowering risks and costs. This results in higher customer satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty—giving your business a competitive edge.

IDology’s trusted identity solutions utilize deep data and advanced technology to go beyond basic identity matching. With these solutions you can verify digital and mobile applicants, gather identity documents with a snap, and authenticate mobile devices quickly to ensure a better user experience while simultaneously deterring fraud. Additionally, our robust, layered verification process utilizes location, activity, email, and mobile phone attributes to provide you with an in-depth risk assessment of both applicants and returning digital customers.

IDology’s platform is completely customizable to your business requirements, and post-transaction fraud monitoring, alerts, and access to cross-industry consortium fraud data keep you ahead of shifting fraud trends.


IDology offers so many options and features.

– Alex M., Customer Service Analyst. Financial Services Company.


Key Advantages for Financial Service Providers

  • Approve more legitimate customers to drive revenue
  • Fully integrated identity verification and authentication solutions with dynamic escalation only when needed
  • Cross-industry consortium fraud intelligence, actionable alerts, and transaction monitoring to fight fraud (including synthetic identity fraud, payments fraud, and account takeover)
  • Configurability and flexibility to change settings on the fly, without the need to involve IT


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