Cam Lanier III

Investor, Board Member

Campbell B. Lanier, III is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ITC Holding Company, LLC, a diversified holding company headquartered in West Point, Georgia. His investment activities span more than 40 years and have focused on early stage investments in communications, technology, financial services, restaurant management solutions, on-line training services, and canine detection services. He has served as a director of ITC since the company’s inception in 1989 as a corporation. He currently serves as Senior Director of Kinetic Ventures, a leading venture capital investor in high growth information, communications, and power/clean technology companies. Mr. Lanier also serves as General Partner for ITC Partners Fund I, LP, an early stage investor in high growth technology and services companies; Chairman of ITC Capital Partners, an investor in fiber-to-the-home/fiber fed fixed wireless technology, business process outsourcing, and web design services; and current or former Chairman or Director of numerous portfolio companies. Earlier in his career, he co-founded Interstate Communications (Telecom*USA), which was acquired by MCI for $1.2 billion in 1990. Mr. Lanier was the founding investor and Chairman of Powertel (now T-Mobile in the southeastern US), which was acquired by Deutsche Telecom for $4.2 billion in 2000. He was also the founding investor for Mindspring, which was valued at $1 billion at the time of its merger with Earthlink, as well as the founding investor of ITC^DeltaCom, InterCall, Knology and Firethorn. He has previously served as Managing Director of South Atlantic Private Equity Fund, IV, Limited Partnership.