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Balancing Customer Experience with Fraud Prevention in the Contact Center

By Chris Luttrell, COO, IDology Contact Center Pipeline

5 lessons about consumer identity in the mobile era

June 12, 2019 (PaymentsSource) - Long gone are the days when consumers had their Social Security and driver’s license numbers pre-printed on their paper checks....

Consumers tapping mobile phone more than ever

June 4, 2019 (Retail Customer Experience) – Consumers are viewing their mobile phone as a more important part of their identity, both at work and....

Do People Want Bank and Credit Union Branches? Yes… and No

June 2019 (The Financial Brand) – U.S. consumers feel brick-and-mortar banking is no longer necessary. If attitudes about mobile banking security improve, the tables may....

Why So Many Drop Out

June 2, 2019 (CU Today) – Credit unions looking to grow need to do more than just get members to begin enrolling.

Mobile Account Openings Outpaced Desktop Computers in 2018

June 2019 (Bank News) – For first time, consumers opened more new accounts on mobile phones than on computers.

New Study: Customer Service Focused Businesses Must Prioritize Mobile, Frictionless CX & Protecting Customer Identities

May 23, 2019 (Customer Think) – The widespread adoption of mobile has changed the way consumers interact with and perceive the world.

Synthetic identity fraud and social engineering are growing concerns and on the rise

May 17, 2019 (Cyber Defense Magazine) – Major breaches have provided criminals with more identity data to utilize as they constantly shift strategies to evade....

Study finds mobile surpasses PC enrollments

May 16, 2019 (Bank Innovation) – Mobile enrollments made some major leaps this year, surpassing even computer enrollments.

Consumers Want FIs Using Advanced ID Methods: Study

May 15, 2019 (CU Times) – The study revealed consumers desired higher levels of security without additional burdens.

Interest in advanced online identity verification methods spikes to over 70 percent

May 15, 2019 (Biometric Update) – The number of Americans who would be more likely to choose a financial institution if it offers advanced identity....

78% of Consumers Say Online Companies Must Protect Their Info

May 14, 2019 (Dark Reading) – More than three-quarters of US consumers strongly agree that companies need to protect their information.

The Fastest Growing Form of Fraud That’s also Hardest to Detect: Synthetic Identity Fraud

Apr 30, 2019 (Global Banking & Finance) – Synthetic identity fraud (SIF) is one of the fastest growing and most sophisticated forms of fraud in....

Kony DBX and IDology Partner to Offer World-class Authentication and Identity Verification Services

Apr 24, 2019 — Kony DBX Teams Up with IDology to Help Banks and Credit Unions Meet Stringent Compliance Regulations

Understanding the Many Ways that Mobile Opens the Door for Fraud

Apr 11, 2019 (CPO Magazine) – With mobile come great opportunities for both consumers and businesses, but also for criminals.

Be Proactive in Protecting Customer Data

Apr 2, 2019 (Contact Center Pipeline) – Defend your center against cybercrime with awareness, agent training and effective data management.

Digital Identity Verification and Fraud Prevention: A 2019 Outlook for Retailers

Mar 29, 2019 (Retail Info Systems) – As consumer preference trend away from brick and mortar, criminal’s focus is also moving increasingly to mobile and....

Fraud Report Confirms Robust Identity Verification is a Strategic Imperative for Call Centers

Mar 22, 2019 (Call Center Times) – Call centers are often ignored in the fight against fraud, making them prime targets for criminals seeking to....

58 percent of businesses experienced an overall increase in fraud

Mar 14, 2019 (The Paypers) – Chronic data breaches lead to increased fraud threats, with 58% of businesses experiencing an overall increase in fraud.

Fraud Report Reveals Importance Of ID Verification In Delivering A Seamless And Secure Customer Experience

Mar 11, 2019 (Retail TouchPoints) — While the growth of convenient digital channels equals higher sales, it also opens the door for fraud.

How CUs’ Security Approaches Have Become A Top Selling Point

Mar 11, 2019 (PYMNTS) — Major data breaches put consumers on edge in 2018, bolstering concerns about their financial information’s security.

Annual Fraud Report Shows Friction in the Customer Experience is the New #1 Fraud Concern for Companies in 2019

Mar 7, 2019 (Customer Think) – Fraud prevention may seem like something that happens behind the scenes, but it can have a serious and rising....

Layers of Identity Attributes & Data Diversification – Key to Fighting Fraud

Mar 6, 2019 (MEDICI) – Businesses need to reconsider their traditional approaches to identity verification. Static ID proofing using credit bureau data is not enough....

Opinion: Balancing member experience and fraud prevention

Feb 28, 2019 (Credit Union Journal) – Staying ahead of fraud requires changing perspective and looking at identity verification as a strategic and competitive priority.

NextGate and IDology Partner to Mitigate Patient Identification Risks

Feb 13, 2019 (PR Newswire via NextGate) – The partnership brings together two identity management leaders to help solve the fundamental challenge of patient misidentification....

Removing Member Friction: The Number One Fraud Prevention Challenge for Credit Unions

Jan 16, 2019 (Credit Union Business) – Trying to balance fraud prevention with member expectations is no easy task for credit unions.

Report: Removing Customer Friction is Top Challenge in Preventing Fraud

Feb 5, 2019 (Total Retail) – Making the checkout process fast and seamless is a priority for most retailers, but they also must balance customer....

Hacking and phishing will increase in 2019: What digital marketers need to know

Jan 2, 2019 (Marketing Land) – Mobile malware, coordinated digital assaults and caller ID spoofing are some of the reasons to make security a priority....

Balancing Security and Consumer Friction is the New Number One Fraud Challenge for Businesses

Jan 2, 2019 (PaymentsJournal) – With the increased amount of personal data available on the dark web, fraudsters are attacking mobile and online channels in....

Advanced Identity Verification is the Key to a Frictionless and Secure Customer Experience

Dec 3, 2018 (Smart Customer Service) – Today, personal information is packaged, sold, and distributed on the dark web, leaving everyone feeling uneasy.

What the FDA’s new e-cigarette regulations mean for e-retailers

Nov 15, 2018 (Internet Retailer) – E-retailers of flavored electronic vaping products need to ensure their purchasers are of legal age to use the product....

Personal Protection: Research shows consumers are worried about online fraud

Nov 1, 2018 (Stores) – There's a significant disconnect between what worries consumers and what, at least so far, they’re willing to do about it.

This Week In Credit Card News: Big Rewards Are Available; The Dangers Of Kids Using Your Credit Card

Oct 26, 20188 (Forbes) – Report reveals a surge in mobile fraud, a focus on artificial intelligence and the rise of machine learning as developing....

Finding Fraud Feng Shui: The Balance Between Prevention & Consumer Friction

Oct 24, 2018 (CU Times) – A new report shows businesses feel particularly unequipped to handle synthetic identity fraud, mobile fraud and account takeovers.

Report points to surge in mobile, phishing fraud

Oct 24, 2018 (Mobile Payments Today) – Report confirms the growing importance of balancing customer friction and fraud prevention.

Sixth Annual IDology Fraud Report: Surge in Mobile Fraud and Phishing, Balancing Customer Friction and Fraud Prevention Are Biggest Challenges for Businesses

Oct 24, 2018 (Retail Dive) – The prevalence of mobile fraud surged dramatically, increasing 117% over the previous year.

Card Fraud and Account Takeovers Continue to Haunt Multiple Industries, Says IDology

Oct 22, 2018 (Digital Transactions) – Credit, debit, and prepaid card fraud shows no signs of retreat, finds the Sixth Annual Fraud Report from IDology.

The Impact of Recent Breaches on Consumer Preferences and Behaviors

Oct 18, 2018 (Security Today) – If and how high-profile breaches have shifted the preferences and behaviors of U.S. consumers.

The Trust Gap: Shifts in Consumer Preferences in the Post-Breach Era

Sep 7, 2018 (Payments Journal) – Consumer perceptions and expectations around trust and identity verification have shifted.

Selfies Help Find Balance Between Security & Experience

Jul 9, 2018 (CU Times) – Temenos and IDology team up to offer CUs a technology solution that improves security while reducing friction.

Consumers Want Less Friction AND More Security. Can You Do That?

Jul 3, 2018 (Digital Transformation) – When opening an account online, consumers place a premium on security (88%) as well as ease (72%).

Identity verification: Staying ahead of post-breach era consumer preferences

Jun 28, 2018 (Help Net Security) – In the wake of numerous high-profile data breaches and privacy incidents, consumers are increasingly concerned.

Identity Protection: Overcoming Hurdles: Interview with IDology CEO John Dancu

Jun 26, 2018 (Bank Info Security) – "When you see companies add friction, you see tremendous fall off [in their number of customers]."

How This Cybersecurity Exec Grew A Product Suite to Market Leadership

Jun 25, 2018 (Hypepotamus) – Chris Luttrell is Senior VP of Operations at IDology, an Atlanta-based company that has become the foremost provider of identity....

FIs, Businesses Need to Offer Stronger ID Verification

Jun 21, 2018 (CU Times) – “We’ve reached a turning point in how consumers view and value identity verification."

How the Legal Sports Betting Industry Could Grow Georgia’s Top Tech Industries

Jun 21, 2018 (Hypepotamus) – It’s been a little over a month since the Supreme Court struck down a federal ban on sports betting.

IDology study reveals impact on data breaches

Jun 6, 2018 (The Paypers) – Study revealed the impact of major data breaches and related headlines on consumer perceptions and preferences.

IDology Study Reveals Consumer Insights On Digital Identity Fraud, Points To Need For Businesses To Offer Stronger Identity Verification

Jun 6, 2018 (ID Bulletin) – IDology announces the findings of new Consumer Digital Identity Study on the impact of major data breaches on consumer....

Consumers Want Fast and Easy Authentication, But Security is Top Concern

Jun 5, 2018 (Bank Innovation) – Security breaches continue to be an ever-present threat for financial institutions.

2018 Security Leadership Issue: The Rising Role of Women in Security

Jun 1, 2018 (Security Magazine) – In the historically male-oriented security field, many women are successfully advancing to leadership roles.

The Unexpected Winners of the New Sports Betting Industry? These Wonky Software Companies

May 17, 2018 (Inc) – As states create their own legal sports betting industries, every gaming company will rely on software platforms that prevent fraud,....

30 Admired Companies To Watch 2018: IDology, Designed for Customer Protection

May 2018 (CIO Bulletin) – Identity verification has become a necessity for every organization today.

The New Fraud Landscape: What It Means for Financial Services

Mar 26, 2018 (Payments Journal) – With a growing number of data breaches and evolving fraud tactics, criminals have more data and means to commit....

Preventing Fraud with Facial Scans [Video]

Mar 14, 2018 (Temenos) – Featuring presenters Dennis Maicon from IDology and Kris Frantzen.

Bridging the Gap: 21 Useful Integrations for Your Fintech Product

Feb 12, 2018 (Romexsoft) – IDology offers identity and age verification through a web portal, mobile access, and an API that can be integrated with....

Survey: Fight Fraud While Improving Customer Experience

Nov 21, 2017 (CU Times) – A new report shows a shift in criminal tactics when it comes to cybercrime against financial institutions.

Measuring fraud trends across various industries

Nov 16, 2017 (Help Net Security) – Businesses across industries are experiencing more sophisticated fraud attempts across multiple customer-not-present channels.

Survey: Share of Businesses Reporting Fraud Attempts Jumps 58 Percent

Nov 15, 2017 (ABA Banking Journal) – The survey included businesses in the retail, financial, insurance and health care industries.

Please continue to hold on: Call centers struggle to fight the rise of cyber fraud

Oct 17, 2017 (BAI) – You know how you hate to dial into a bank contact center and navigate all those artificial intelligence prompts before....

How to Protect Your Users From Fraud Without Hindering Customer Acquisition

Oct 2, 2017 (Hypeotamus) – Identity fraud isn’t only reserved for consumers — company executives should be alert about the possibility of fraud and how....

Beating the mobile banking conundrum with secure transactions and an easy customer experience

Aug 17, 2017 (Mobile Payments Today) – In the past five years alone, the number of consumers using mobile banking apps has doubled.

How to Effectively Screen Guests at Your Vacation Rental

Aug 9, 2017 (TurnKey) – The best way to protect your vacation rental from parties that get out of hand or guests who leave with....

New ID Verification Solution Uses Real-Time Mobile Data to OK Contact Center Calls

Jun 30, 2017 (Pipeline) – IDology launches new ExpectID Call verification solution that utilizes real-time mobile carrier data to quickly greenlight legitimate contact center inbound....

Why Banks Are Going To Survive

Jun 14, 2017 (Forbes) – "We partnered with IDology because they offer a superior identity verification tool that we used in our student loan applications."

4 Ways Fraudsters Exploit Mobile Devices

Apr 27, 2017 (CU Times) – Expectations for frictionless mobile experiences lead to more opportunities for fraudsters.

IDology Announces Digital Authentication Solutions for Mobile

Apr 25, 2017 (Bank News) – IDology announces two innovative digital authentication solutions.

Taking A Broader View On Identity

Apr 25, 2017 (PYMNTS) – Identity isn’t static — authentication shouldn’t be either.

Cutting Through The ID Fraud Fight

Mar 27, 2017 (PYMNTS) – Online fraud is fluid. It is fast. It is dangerous and ever-evolving. And fighting that fraud must be fluid, too,....

Cybersecurity made simple

Mar 22, 2017 (SC Cybersecurity News) – In a world of ever-increasingly complex technologies, some experts advocate a move to simplify.

An Expert Guide to Securing Sensitive Data: 34 Experts Reveal the Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with Data Security

Mar 21, 2017 (Digital Guardian) – 34 experts were asked what the biggest mistakes companies make with data security are. Here's what they had to....

IDology: Fighting The (Good) Fraud Fight

Mar 7, 2017 (PYMNTS) – Making sure you are who you say you are is the central tenet in transactions, online and off.

IT Security Concerns Loom Large for Financial Sector in 2017

Jan 11, 2017 (RSA Conference Blog) – Today’s financial sector chief information officer (CIO) is in the midst of a radical technological evolution.

TurnKey Offers Most Advanced Guest Screening Process in Vacation Rental Industry with New Positive Identification Technology

Oct 19, 2016 – TurnKey Vacation Rentals is enhancing its comprehensive guest screening process with new positive identification technology.

DraftKings finds footing in heavily regulated fantasy sports market

Aug 18, 2016 (Boston Globe) – IDology helps DraftKings deal with the new reality of a checkerboard of regulations.

Digital Banking’s Delicate Dance

Aug 17, 2016 (PYMNTS) – Consumers want digital banking apps to be secure, but they don’t want security to interfere with their digital banking experience.

Standing Up to Fraud: How Credit Unions Mitigate the Threat Landscape [PDF]

Jun 10, 2016 (CU Times) – In 2015, fraud led to 11 of the nation’s 16 small credit union closures.

Protecting call centers from spoofed calls

Jun 3, 2016 (CU Insight) – Fraudsters are increasing committing account takeover via IVR and direct contact with call center personnel.

Shifts in Fraud Tactics Cause Big Headaches Across Verticals

May 12, 2016 (Infosecurity Magazine) – New research that conducted comprehensive interviews with fraud management executives revealed certain commonalities across industries.

Identity Fraud Shifting User Preference within Mobile and Online Channels

May 11, 2016 (Mobile Marketing Watch) – While each industry faces unique challenges and opportunities in terms of fraud vectors and fraud prevention, Mercator’s primary....

Taking the Danger out of Daily Fantasy Sports

Apr 7, 2016 (Casino Journal) – Adoption and adherence to SaaS-enabled regulatory technology can lessen some of the apprehension associated with daily fantasy sports.

5 Channel Ops: Microsoft IoT in a Box, Dell Divests Services, Datto Google Guide

Apr 1, 2016 (Channel Partners) – “Consumers are relying on their mobile devices more and more for all types of transactions, and we are removing....

IDology Mobile Identity Spectrum Suite Targets Mobile Fraud

Mar 31, 2016 (MobilityTechzone) – IDology uses its software to help companies fight fraud and identify customer identities and documents from a range of devices.

Maintain TCPA compliance the easy way

Feb 25, 2016 (CU Insight) – The mobile channel has increasingly become the preferred method to contact customers, whether it’s for relaying account information or....

Why the FBI Isn’t a Main Mobile Security Worry

Feb 17, 2016 (CNBC) – Last year, 8 percent of businesses cited mobile fraud as a prevalent threat, from 3 percent in 2014, according to....

IDology Launches ExpectID Number Verification, Enabling Real-Time Mobile Number Verification and Improved Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Compliance

Feb 11, 2016 (Mobile Marketing & Technology) – New solution allows organizations to reduce unnecessary calls and potential regulatory penalties.

Real-Time Mobile Number Verification Helps with TCPA Compliance

Feb 3, 2016 (TMCnet) – Our mobile device rings and when we answer, we either get a pre-recorded message or a live agent wanting us....

eDOC partners with IDology

Feb 1, 2016 (CU Insight) – eDOC Innovations has partnered with IDology to conduct ID Verification Services with eDOC’s eDOCSignature™ solution.

Mobile Account Opening: Adjusting to a New Normal

Jan 27, 2016 (Mercator Advisory Group) – Mercator Advisory Group releases new research on the emerging importance of mobile-focused customer acquisition and onboarding strategies.

Secure Convenience: The New Password Death March?

Jan 26, 2016 (PYMNTS) – A major overhaul in the world of digital identity is the slow and deliberate death of passwords.

Industry association seeks answers to medical ID theft

Jan 21, 2016 (Health Data Management) – IDology recently joined the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance.

Test cheaters can pose safety risks

Jan 5, 2016 (ISHN) – You need to verify & authenticate online trainees.

2016 Technology Report: New Security Solutions and Risks Go Hand-in-Hand

Jan 1, 2016 (Security Magazine) – Security’s Tool Box: Bigger, Better and Sometimes Bad Edged

Payments at the Edge, A 2016 Report [PDF]

Dec 21, 2015 (PYMNTS) – Executive thought-leadership on where payments can go that it isn’t today, and how the ecosystem needs to change to enable....

Convenience of mobile computing comes at a security cost

Dec 18, 2015 (Third Certainty) – Companies can mitigate risk, increase protection with cyber insurance coverage.

Fraud attempts on the rise: Website, mobile, and call center fraud intensifies

Dec 14, 2015 (CU Insight) – As data breaches become more widespread and as fraud tactics continue to evolve, countless identities have come to be....

Fraudsters Move At The Speed Of Consumers

Dec 9, 2015 (PYMNTS) – A recent white paper by IDology finds that in the wake of EMV, fraudsters are looking for new avenues to....

The steady rise of call center fraud

Nov 25, 2015 (CU Insight) – Call centers are often the first and preferred point of contact for customers wanting to do business with your....

The Next Fraud Frontier: Call Centers

Nov 10, 2015 (CU Times) – Only 2% of survey respondents reported attempted call center fraud in 2014. That number jumped to 13% in 2015.

The Importance Of A Persistent Mobile Identity

Oct 27, 2015 (PYMNTS) – It’s not as easy to maintain a consistent user identity on a mobile device as it is on a laptop,....

Mobile security in today’s mobile world

Oct 22, 2015 (CU Insight) – Let’s face it – mobile is here to stay. From 2014 to 2015, there has been a 33 percent....

IDology Makes a Strategic Investment in Payfone to Launch ExpectID

Oct 15, 2015 (MEDICI) – Customers using IDology’s ExpectID Mobile solution can now seamlessly establish, maintain and trust a mobile identity associated with a legitimate....

IDology Makes Investment in Mobile Authentication Firm Payfone

Oct 13, 2015 (American Banker) – “Our decision to invest in Payfone’s business stems from our commitment to … deliver personal, secure and frictionless access....

Data breaches, the rise of the perfect identity and what it all means for credit unions

Sep 25, 2015 (CU Insight) – Are you sure that “John Smith” really is John Smith?

EMV transition will still leave security gaps

Sep 8, 2015 (CSO Online) – This October, US merchants and payment providers are scheduled to switch to new, more secure, chip-based payments.

Fraudsters hone tactics as U.S. embraces EMV compliance

Aug 18, 2015 (Third Certainty) – Companies need to batten down hatches as credit card processing changes.

What’s Next in Identity Verification

Jul 16, 2015 (PYMNTS) – There’s no denying it: cybercriminals are good at what they do. That doesn’t mean that businesses and can’t go toe-to-toe....

ID verification firm IDology approved for NJ iGaming market

Apr 30, 2015 (Gaming Intelligence) – The IDology solution helps operators meet anti-money laundering (AML) and other compliance obligations by delivering Know Your Customer (KYC)....

How Hackers Might Use Your Stolen Anthem Data

Feb 5, 2015 (CBS News) – "When a thief gets that information, we call that the perfect identity," said John Dancu, the chief executive of....

IVR Systems: Efficiency, Cost Savings — and a Security Threat

Dec 19, 2014 (CustomerZone360) – IVRs are everywhere in our lives; so much so, that it seems impossible to conduct any business without encountering one....

Contact Solutions Releases Adaptive Fraud Protection Platform

Dec 16, 2014 (eWeek) – With Adaptive Fraud Prevention, financial institutions can detect and act on suspicious upstream activity in real time, before account takeovers....

Industry Insiders Join Forces To Address IVR Fraud

Dec 11, 2014 ( – Hackers and fraudsters have a seemingly never-ending bag of tricks in their ongoing attempts to steal others’ vital information for....

Contact Solutions, IDology, and Pindrop Security Team Up to Cut IVR Fraud

Dec 10, 2014 (Destination CRM) – Contact Solutions, a provider of cloud-based customer care solutions, has partnered with IDology, a provider of identity verification and....

Fight Identity Fraud

Dec 2, 2014 (ISHN) – Can You Verify the Identity of Workers Engaged in Remote Learning?

More organizations suspect fraud attempts this year

Nov 6, 2014 (Internet Retailer) – A survey of IDology clients found 87% suspect they have been targets of fraud attempts in the past year,....

Customer Not Present threat prompts response from US providers

Nov 5, 2014 (Fintech Futures) – As the US moves to adopt EMV chip and PIN cards and mobile payments, authentication is becoming a serious....

Layered Authentication Fights Fraud and Friction

Sep 18, 2014 (PaymentsSource) – We value the importance of building and maintaining positive customer relationships. But, how do you also manage the ever increasing....

App offers identity verification to make ‘showings on demand’ safer

Sep 3, 2014 (Inman News) – Amid concern over the potential safety risks of “showings on demand,” the mobile app Curb Call is now offering....

ExpectID Score Gives Risk Managers More Options

Aug 22, 2014 (SecureIDNews) – IDology has added ExpectID Score to its suite of identity verification and authentication solutions. adds IDology identity verification to mobile debit cards

Jul 23, 2014 (Chain Store Age) –, a provider of mobile prepaid debit cards, is partnering with IDology, a vendor of technology solutions that....

IDology expands ExpectID global reach to Mexico, launches new anti-fraud solution

Jul 16, 2014 (The Paypers) – IDology has expanded the ExpectID Global solution to include identity and age verifications for Mexico.

The technology that prevents ‘hotbeds of fraud’ in higher ed

Jun 27, 2014 (eCampus News) – Fraud in test taking and student loans can threaten the very existence of online colleges and universities

ZipZap, IDology to Streamline Customer Identity Process in the UK

May 29, 2014 (newsBTC) – In late 2013, global cash network ZipZap announced they’d be adding thousands of locations across the United Kingdom from which....

IDology, CAMS to stop online gaming fraud

Jan 17, 2014 (The Paypers) – IDology, an identity verification provider, has partnered with multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution CAMS to stop online gaming fraud.

CAMS partners real-time ID verification provider IDology

Jan 16, 2014 (Gaming Intelligence) – US player verification solutions provider Central Account Management System (CAMS) has partnered with real-time age and identity verification service....

IDology rolls out ExpectID Global solution

Jan 8, 2014 (The Paypers) – IDology, an identity verification provider, has rolled out the ExpectID Global, an international identity verification and fraud prevention solution.

Banks, Consumers Battle Over Fraud Liability

Jul 28, 2013 (PYMNTS) – In the wake of the Great Recession, it seems there has been little on which financial institutions and consumers can....

How Identity Verification in Online Account Opening and Lending Works

Jun 7, 2013 (Bank Innovation) – In person, identity verification is easy. Ask for a photo ID, check to make sure the hair is the....

IDology’s Security Uses Transaction Data to Authenticate Users

Sep 13, 2012 (Finovate) – First on stage for day two of Finovate, IDology showed how it can use customer transaction data to authenticate users.

Holidays: how to shop safely online

Nov 17, 2010 (Macworld) – That inbox full of Black Friday alerts and e-tailer sales pitches are sure signs that the peak holiday shopping season....


Jun 28, 2010 (AdAge) – Woman #1 (in her mid-30's) asks Woman #2 (mid-20's): "What's the difference between a journalist, an expert and a blogger?"....

Verifying identity in customer-not-present situations

Apr 16, 2010 (Network World, IT Best Practices Alert) – How can a Web-based business verify the identity of a person with whom it has....

Digital signature and identity verification technology combine to combat fraud

Jan 20, 2010 (Digital ID News) – ARX Inc. and IDology Inc. have partnered to create secure authentication solution for enterprises. The combination of the....

Doctors and Social Media:  Benefits and Dangers

Nov 9, 2009 (MedScape) – Physicians use clinical medical sites regularly, but more and more are also turning to social media -- such as Facebook....

Two CUs Cut Costs and Increase Security With Automated Verification Systems

Sep 1, 2009 (CU Times) – In a time when cost cutting and efficiency are on the top of most credit unions’ list, two credit....

UPEK, IDology Partner

Apr 8, 2008 (SecureIDNews) – Fingerprint vendor UPEK Inc. and online age and identity provider IDology Inc. have partnered to offer authentication services to online....

Direct Shipping Legal to 80% of U.S.

Jul 16, 2007 (Wines & Vines) – Wine Institute's Steve Gross told a gathering of more than 150 vintners last Friday that the move from....

While he served abroad, his credit was under siege

Jun 5, 2007 (USA Today) – After graduating from high school, David Joe Hernandez served four years in the Air Force at bases in New....

Georgia Mulls Direct-Shipping Bills

Feb 26, 2007 (Wine Spectator Online) – Companies such as IDology have teamed up with wine-industry associations to offer online age-verification services...

US wine retailers step-up the battle against underage consumers

Feb 8, 2007 (Drinks Business Review Online) – In a bid to eliminate underage alcohol sales via the internet, the Specialty Wine Retailers Association (SWRA)....

Why MySpace Doesn’t Card

Jan 25, 2007 (Forbes) – MySpace doesn't ask its members for much--it just wants them to be at least 14 years old. But even that....

Personal Protection: Research shows consumers are worried about online fraud Stores

Earlier this year, identity verification and fraud prevention firm IDology conducted a survey of U.S. consumers focusing on their concerns about online fraud.