IDology Launches New Knowledge-Based Authentication Product

ExpectID Enterprise allows companies to present out-of-wallet questions using their own proprietary data behind their firewall

Atlanta, February 8, 2011 –  IDology, Inc., an innovative provider of identity and age verification solutions, today announced the launch of the next generation in knowledge-based authentication (KBA) with a new solution for its ExpectID product suite.  Named ExpectID Enterprise, this product allows companies to dynamically present custom out-of-wallet questions using their own proprietary data behind their firewall while leveraging IDology’s identity verification expertise as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provider.

“Companies have a vast amount of data that can more cost-effectively, and often more accurately, authenticate their customers than can other sources used today.  They just haven’t had ready access to a packaged solution that enables them to take advantage of their own data” said Avivah Litan, Gartner Research Analyst.

ExpectID Enterprise provides companies with an authentication tool to use their internal data without having to share any of their valuable consumer data with a third party.  ExpectID Enterprise enhances IDology’s on-demand full suite of identity verification solutions by giving clients more options to create out-of-wallet questions without losing the deep fraud analytics and technological expertise in IDology’s current question product, ExpectID IQ.  Companies are required to download IDology’s Question Generator Application (QGen App), which allows them to create custom questions that are relevant to their business or customer on IDology’s platform, but still keep the data that is being used safe and private.  Some examples of custom questions include “Where do you most often fill your prescriptions?” or “How much is your bi-weekly deposit?”  Use cases for ExpectID Enterprise include verifying someone before online account registrations, password resets, account updates, and more.

“This solution allows companies to dynamically generate questions instead of using static, shared secrets for things like password resets or out of the ordinary type of transactions such as money transfers or high dollar purchases,” said John Dancu, CEO of IDology.  “The problem with shared secrets, especially now with the Facebook phenomena, is that they can easily be guessed or socially engineered.  ExpectID Enterprise opens a whole new door for identity proofing that is safe while being more relevant and unique.”

ExpectID Enterprise can be configured to generate question sessions using both custom created questions and IDology’s ExpectID IQ questions which are based on public record data sources.   IDology communicates with an Enterprise through a unique patent pending process within its QGen App so that the actual data a company uses to create questions is never shared.  ExpectID Enterprise customers still have all the reporting and point-and-click configurability advantages available within IDology’s product suite, giving them the power to better control and manage risk.

“With ExpectID Enterprise, we now offer a complete, end-to-end identity verification platform that can be used to verify both unknown consumers and existing customers,” said Dancu.  “And it will be much easier and safer for those existing customers to answer relevant, timely questions instead of having to remember what answer they listed as the name of their favorite pet or food.”

ExpectID Enterprise is available for purchase.  Contact IDology for more information.

About IDology, Inc.

IDology, Inc. provides real-time technology solutions that verify an individual’s identity and age while maintaining consumer privacy and building trust through the responsible use of data. Our proprietary product ExpectID™ validates individuals using as little information as name and address. And our industry leading ExpectID Age confirms someone’s age in customer not present environments. Through our patent pending process and advanced technology engine businesses can enable knowledge-based authentication to verify customers without alienating them or being labor intensive for your business. IDology helps its customers drive revenue, reduce costs and prevent fraud. For more information contact or call 866-520-1234.

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