IDology Publishes Whitepaper on Electronic Identity Verification Technology to Examine How Ecommerce Companies Can Better Balance Security and Profit

ATLANTA – Feb 5, 2007 – IDology Inc., a leading provider of electronic identity and age verification solutions, today announced that it has published a whitepaper designed to examine electronic identity verification solutions and how using this technology helps ecommerce balance security and profit.

“Balancing Security & Profit: How Identity Verification Solutions Benefit Ecommerce” tackles the complicated subject of preventing fraud while protecting consumer privacy. Consumer privacy and data protection are a concern due to an increase of identity theft and data breaches in multiple industries including finance, retail, education, and government. This paper reviews the emerging trends in the identity and age verification market and examines the benefits of integrating an electronic identity verification solution within a business. It also offers a complete set of factors to consider when evaluating identity verification providers.

“Ecommerce has managed security risks by putting tighter controls and procedures in place to prevent fraud” said John Dancu, CEO of IDology. “Our goal is to educate people on how electronic identity verification works to increase profit without sacrificing fraud protection, while at the same time contributing to lowering the identity theft crisis by protecting consumer privacy.”

An electronic copy of the paper is available after registration at and a preview of the first few pages of the paper is available at

About IDology, Inc.

IDology, Inc. ( provides real-time technology solutions that verify an individual’s age and identity while maintaining consumer privacy and building trust through the responsible use of data. Our proprietary product ExpectID(tm) validates individuals using as little information as name and address. And our industry leading ExpectID Age confirms someone’s age in customer not present environments. Through our patent-pending process and advanced technology engine, businesses can enable knowledge-based authentication to verify customers without alienating them or being labor intensive on their business. IDology helps its customers drive revenue, reduce costs and prevent fraud. For more information contact

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