Specialty Wine Retailers Association Partners with IDology on Age Identity Verification Services

Sacramento , CA — Feb 7, 2007 — Specialty Wine Retailers Association announced today a partnership with IDology, a leading provider of age and identity verification services. The partnership will give SWRA members access to IDology’s robust tools that help assure online and phone transactions of wine are between a retailer and an adult.

As consumers have increasingly use the Internet and phones to access wine products, using technology and data to assure the transaction is between retailers and adults has become an important step. IDology’s ExpectID Age services allow wine retailers to instantly verify the age and identity of their customers using a patent pending verification process and trusted data sources.

“IDology has proven to be a leader and innovator in age and identity verification services and this is what led us to choose them as our partner,” said Lesley Berglund, president of Specialty Wine Retailers Association. “SWRA members have always been proactive in assuring transactions only occur between retailer and adult. The use of IDology’s services keeps wine retailers on the progressive edge of responsible and legal direct-to-consumer wine sales.

Sterling Record of Compliance to Continue with IDology As Partner

As wine lovers have embraced direct-to-consumers sales, retailers have taken all the precautions possible to assure sales are not made to minors. Their efforts have been rewarded with a sterling record. SWRA’s Idology partnership was put into place to a assure wine retailers continue to set the standard for responsible direct-to-consumer wine sales.

“We are excited about the Specialty Wine Retailers Association’s endorsement of our ExpectID Age system,” said Raye Croghan, Vice President of IDology. “This partnership demonstrates SWRA’s thought leadership and provides a great member benefit based on our expertise in providing age and identity verification.”

About Specialty Wine Retailers

Founded in 2005, the Specialty Wine Retailers Association works in various legislative and regulatory arenas and by litigating to achieve its primary goal of replacing archaic and discriminatory laws that hurt consumers and retailers. More information is available at http://www.specialtywineretailer.org.

About IDology, Inc.

IDology, Inc. ( www.idology.com) provides real-time technology solutions that verify an individual’s age and identity while maintaining consumer privacy and building trust through the responsible use of data. Through our patent-pending process IDology helps its customers drive revenue, reduce costs and prevent fraud. For more information contact

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