UPEK and IDology announce first biometric identity verification solution for the Internet

ntroduction marks latest innovation to protect online businesses and consumers from identity theft, payment fraud and phishing attacks

San Francisco, CA, (RSA Conference 2008) April 7, 2008 –UPEK®, Inc., the leader in enterprise and consumer biometric fingerprint solutions, and IDology, Inc., an innovative provider of identity and age verification solutions, today announced that they have partnered to deliver a world-class identity verification and authentication solution for online businesses and their customers to securely and conveniently prevent identity theft, fraud and phishing attacks. The joint solution is being demonstrated at the RSA Conference 2008 in IDology’s booth #804 and UPEK’s booth #2003.

The ability of online businesses to verify a user’s identity has never been more important. Last year, $45 billion was lost to identity theft, indicating a high need for businesses to protect themselves, and their consumers, from risks including payment fraud, identity theft, hackers, phishing scams, and other not yet known ways criminals might invent in an attempt to profit. The challenge businesses face in consumer-not-present situations is being able to have the same level of confidence that someone is who they claim to be as when the person is standing in front of them. With some analysts estimating ecommerce growth to reach $230 billion by the end of this year, online businesses are increasingly requiring ways to easily and securely identify consumers without sacrificing their fraud protection.

By combining IDology’s ExpectID® service with UPEK’s Authentication Service, the joint solution offers a streamlined self-registration process for Web sites to proof the identities of their users at account creation, and then employ strong biometric authentication thereafter to ensure only users with proven identities can access the service. Based on nominal information provided by an end user during account creation, ExpectID verifies an identity by analyzing thousands of trusted data sources in real time, thereby mitigating identity theft. The process is often invisible to the end user and renders a high degree of confidence in the identity claim. In cases where an identity needs a higher level of verification to prove someone is who they claim to be, users are presented with a series of non-invasive multiple-choice questions regarding facts about their past such as people they know or the places they have lived. Because the questions are based on personal history, it is difficult for anyone other than the actual person to answer them correctly.

UPEK Authentication Services provide a convenient and secure way to log into Web sites, replacing passwords with the swipe of a finger. The combined solution ensures only users who successfully passed the identity proofing process are able to gain access to services, and unlike passwords, fingerprints cannot be shared, stolen or phished. UPEK’s unique Digital ID hardware engine ensures only authorized users have access to services.

“Both business and consumers are increasingly facing online threats and are looking for ways to better protect themselves,” said Jonn Dancu, President and CEO of IDology. “We’re pleased to partner with UPEK who shares our ideas of helping to make the internet safer with stronger security and the most convenient user experience”

“The use of passwords continues to be a weak point for Web site security,” said Robert Blau, UPEK General Manager and Vice President . “Users simply swipe their finger to authenticate, no more passwords. Combined with IDology, businesses now have a solution to the identity and authentication problem.”

About UPEK

UPEK, Inc. is the global leader in enterprise and consumer biometric fingerprint solutions. UPEK authentication hardware and software are integrated into laptops from the world’s top five largest PC makers, as well as USB flash drives, external hard disk drives, and mobile phones from leading manufacturers. UPEK’s ecosystem of over 100 hardware and software partners enables strong authentication solutions for market verticals including healthcare, banking, education, and government. UPEK offers the only silicon-based fingerprint device that is FIPS 201 certified for authentication of over 10 million US government employees and contractors. UPEK also provides consumer packaged goods including the CES award-winning Eikon® Digital Privacy Manager, the only fingerprint reader on the market that supports PCs and Macs. UPEK products make your digital world safe and personal. For more info, visit www.upek.com.

UPEK, the UPEK logo and Eikon are registered trademarks or trademarks of UPEK, Inc. in the United States and other countries. ExpectID is a registered trademark of IDology, Inc. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About IDology

IDology, Inc provides real-time technology solutions that verify an individual’s identity and age for anyone conducting business on the Internet to help drive revenue, decrease costs and prevent fraud. What makes us different is that we do this in a way that builds more confidence with your customers – by protecting sensitive data and promoting consumer privacy.

Our ExpectID product suite validates the identity and age of individuals without requiring personal information such as a social security number or driver’s license. Using our solutions, businesses are provided with more than simple pass/fail rates and are informed about what discrepancies are present in the components of an ID. With our advanced rules-based technology engine, businesses are able to easily and quickly react to the situation at hand either by approving the transaction, enabling knowledge-based authentication questions, changing criteria settings, or asking someone to resubmit their information.

Founded in 2003, IDology is the only provider to offer an on-demand change management tool that allows client business-unit managers to control the entire proofing process, including within an integrated solution, without having to rely on internal IT resources or contact IDology’s customer service. For more information, visit www.idology.com or call 866-520-1234.

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