Customer Identity: Balancing Security and Seamless Banking Experiences


IDology’s Heidi Hunter speaks on The Financial Brand’s Banking Podcast.

In a digital world where convenience, time savings, and instant access reign supreme, a physical-first banking experience is no longer the preferred option for most consumers. But how can you verify the identity of someone wanting to do business with you?

Banks should not have to make compromises between security and a seamless customer experience along their digital journey — but this requires the right identity strategy that reflects today’s risks and the needs of the modern digital consumer.

Heidi Hunter, VP of Product Innovations, joins The Financial Brand’s Jim Marous to discuss:

  • Why leading banks are focusing on digital-first experiences.
  • How knowing who your customer is can be a differentiator for success.
  • What banks can do to ensure their identity verification program fosters seamless banking experiences.