Life Insurance Identity Verification for Onboarding and Fraud – Battles and Best Practices From the Front Lines


Life insurance firms have reached a pivot point relative to identity verification for on-boarding and fraud prevention. Grappling with record-high fraud attacks in parallel with high consumer expectations for a frictionless application and onboarding experience, battle-tested carriers are making strategic decisions and deployments on digital identity verification.

Join IDology and Aite Group as we explore consumer insights, market data and domain expertise to share a holistic approach to detect, review and prevent fraud in customer acquisition.

Featuring panelists from Northwestern Mutual and Allianz along with new data from Aite’s latest Life Insurance report, you’ll learn:

  • Customer’s and insurers’ view of impact of fraud
  • Industry adoption of fraud management practices
  • Gaps in the strategy, process, and technology including opportunities and learnings