Why AI with Data Transparency Will Yield Better Results for Lenders


How well do you understand the ins and outs of artificial intelligence?

Lenders are going all in on their financial and strategic commitments to AI. IDology partnered with OLA to discuss potential gaps in lenders’ AI strategy.

In this webinar, IDology’s CEO, Chris Luttrell, and VP of Marketing, Eric Leiserson, shed light on how AI is becoming a fundamental component for underwriting and risk prevention. They speak with LeadSherpa CEO John Miller and AWL, Inc. VP of Risk Ron Oxom-Kinderon, who offer guidance to lenders on improving the ROI of AI investments.

Key learnings include:

  • Defining opportunities and technology
  • Identifying blind spots and risk factors
  • The importance of transparency with AI
  • How to get the most impactful result from AI tools