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As a recognized thought-leader for identity and age verification, IDology’s white papers, research studies and executive briefs provide a better understanding of the identity proofing market to help you make intelligent decisions about protecting your business.

4th Annual Consumer Digital Identity Study

This report shares insights into how consumers view the threat of fraud and the never-ending waves of cyber breaches.

Balancing Growth with Fraud Prevention & Compliance in Online Gaming

The latest insights into how gaming firms can master a layered approach to delivering friction-free identity verification at the speed that their customers expect.

Digital Identity Verification Sector Spotlight – Banking

This installment of the Sector Spotlight series looks into identity verification trends specific to the banking industry.

Why Transparency & Configurability are Crucial to Identity Verification

This report shares key trends, considerations, and expert vendor commentary on digital identity success.

Getting Personal: The Role of Identity Verification in Customer Personalization Programs

Banks and credit unions need a way to rise above the noise and connect with account holders on a personal level.

Application Fraud: Accelerating Attacks and Compelling Investment Opportunities

This research report examines the latest trends in application fraud and how firms are managing these risks and making compelling investments…

3rd Annual Consumer Digital Identity Study

In this report, we focus on the need for trust, the on-boarding process, and the implications for friction and abandonment, as well as the growing....

Synthetic Identity Fraud: Fighting Back with Multi-Layered Solutions

The latest insights on how data diversity, industry initiatives and human intelligence can turn the tide of synthetic Identity Fraud.

CCPA and Identity Verification

Read this paper to find out the top four ways CCPA identity verification could become a competitive differentiator.

The Future of Identity Verification UX

In order for companies to cater better user experiences to their customers, while deterring fraud, firms should take the initiative and make sure that they....

Application Fraud: Overcoming the Identity Challenge

Learn more about how financial institutions can confront application fraud with multi-layered and smart tools to authenticate individuals with little or no friction.

Leaders In Financial Services Are Experts In Customer Identity

Research commissioned by GBG from Forrester found that born-digital fintechs struggle to identify their customers effectively — and this is a global problem.

2nd Annual Consumer Digital Identity Study

Mobile devices have changed consumer preferences and behavior. For businesses, this presents both challenges and opportunities, especially around identity verification.

The Role of Dynamic Knowledge-Based Authentication in a Digital World

Explore the application of KBA as part of a multi-layered identity verification and authentication process and anti-fraud program.

Consumer Identity Verification Preferences by Financial Institution Type

How customers’ preferences have changed due to high-visibility security incidents, and how financial institutions can be impacted by these shifts.

Mainstreaming Mobile ID Document Scan Verification

Mobile document capture technology offers companies a new approach to protecting their organizations and reducing customer friction.

What’s Driving the Financial Sector’s New Pursuit of More Sophisticated Identity Verification Solutions?

Identity verification best practices to help financial institutions offer quick and frictionless onboarding to customers.

A New Era in Lending Identity Verification and Onboarding

Lenders are experiencing heightened challenges due to increased risk, growing fraud threats, and changing consumer needs. Identity verification has become a critical component of digital....

1st Annual Consumer Digital Identity Study (2018)

In the wake of numerous high-profile data breaches and privacy incidents consumers are more aware and more concerned than ever about the security of their....

Combating Synthetic Identity Fraud: Determining Fact from Fiction

Synthetic Identity Fraud is one of the fastest growing and most sophisticated forms of fraud in the United States today. It’s hard to detect and....

Contact Center Fraud: Mapping Identity Verification to Your Customer’s Journey

Often ignored in the fight against fraud, contact centers have become increasingly vulnerable to attacks. In this whitepaper, we discuss how you can deliver a....

Reimagining Digital Authentication for a Friction-Free, Superior Customer Experience

Why businesses need to leverage a new, invisible approach to assure digital identities with direct source, real-time mobile carrier intelligence for a smooth, effortless and....

Security Challenges in Digital Channels: Fraud Professionals Weigh In – A Mercator Advisory Group White Paper Sponsored by IDology

With the rise of digital channels (online and mobile), the landscape of customer communication and sales across industries is rapidly changing and with it the....

Security and Authentication in Financial Services: A Mercator Advisory Group Executive Brief Sponsored by IDolog

Mercator Advisory Group recently interviewed fraud management executives at financial services institutions to evaluate the challenges of identity verification and deterring online and mobile-based fraud.

Security and Authentication in Alternative Financial Services: A Mercator Advisory Group Executive Brief Sponsored by IDology

Mercator Advisory Group recently interviewed fraud management executives at alternative financial services organizations to evaluate the challenges of identity verification and deterring online and mobile-based....

Security and Authentication in Healthcare: A Mercator Advisory Executive Group Brief Sponsored by IDology

Mercator Advisory Group recently interviewed fraud management executives at healthcare organizations to evaluate the risks and challenges posed in the healthcare sector by identity theft....

Security and Authentication in Property and Casualty Insurance: A Mercator Advisory Group Executive Brief Sponsored by IDology

Mercator Advisory Group recently interviewed executives involved in fraud management at insurance organizations in the United States to evaluate the challenges of identity verification and....

Improving Patient Portal Adoption and Decreasing Fraud with Advanced Identity Verification Solutions

Healthcare organizations can learn how to deliver enhanced identity verification practices that provide a more convenient and less intrusive experience for end users accessing healthcare....

Converting Leads into Profitable Sales: 5 Reasons Why Lead Verification Works

Learn how lead verification can be used to distinguish more qualified, sales-ready leads and ultimately drive more profitability.

Turning Thin Files Into Fat Profits: Using Non-Credit Based Identity Proofing to Evaluate Risk

Learn about the challenges involved with identifying consumers with thin file demographics and demonstrates the role non-credit based technologies play in creating more profit for....

Spotting ID Theft Red Flags: A Guide for FACTA Compliance

A guide to compliance so that you can easily put an Identity Theft Prevention Plan into action.

5 Traits of Companies Successfully Preventing Fraud and How to Apply Them in Your Business

With billions of dollars lost to fraud each year, it might seem daunting to protect your business from fraud.

10 Common Misconceptions Businesses Have About Identity Proofing

This white paper examines the ten biggest misunderstandings businesses have about identity proofing and how this technology can be used to detect and prevent fraud.

Balancing Security & Profit: How Identity Verification Solutions Benefit eCommerce

Learn about identity verification technologies and how they work to verify legitimate, real people even when they aren't standing in front of you.

Doing the Right Thing: How Electronic Age Verification Protects Kids Online

This white paper reviews the emerging trends in the age and identity verification market and examines the benefits of integrating an electronic age verification solution....