Dark Web 101

In light of recent high-scale data breaches, the term “Dark Web” has been receiving plenty of exposure. We’ll cover the basics of what organizations need to know about what it is, who’s on it and what companies can do to protect themselves from compromised and breached information. What is the Dark Web? There are multiple […]

New IDology White Paper: Patient Portal Identity Verification

The emergence of the patient portal for healthcare providers has had a number of benefits. Portals allow doctors and other medical professionals to quickly and easily connect with patients, fostering greater levels of engagement and effectiveness of care. However, patient portals also introduce a greater amount of risk for healthcare organizations as online applications can […]

SMiShing: Coming to a Phone Near You

By now, most consumers are aware of quite a few of the methods that cyber criminals employ to gain access to their personal information. In one popular tactic, a criminal will send an email asking a consumer to verify their bank account information, credit card information and more. The most successful way to combat email […]

Trends in Call Center Fraud

Dialing telephone keypad concept for communication, contact us a

Operating a business that works in a customer-not-present environment has its challenges, especially when it comes to validating that the customers are who they say they are. From new enrollment, to changing account information, to completing transactions, call centers are often the first and, in many cases, preferred point of contact for customers wanting do […]

The Mobile Commerce Environment – Infographic


When you think of smartphones and the mobile environment, you may think about phone calls, texting or even social media. However, what’s becoming more and more common today is the use of smartphones as tools for accessing banking, payments, shopping, healthcare and other types of applications and websites. Nearly two-thirds of Americans now own smartphones […]

IDology Launches New Video on the Security, Fraud and Identity Verification Issues Facing the Healthcare Industry Today

Since 2008, there has been a growing number of healthcare data breaches as well as a rise in medical identity theft and fraud. In four of the largest healthcare breaches in 2015 alone, nearly 100 million patient records were compromised. This shocking information only proves one thing – criminals are targeting the healthcare industry in […]

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity: IDology’s Latest Philanthropy Initiative


Giving back to the community is an essential part of the IDology culture. Because of this, we have integrated philanthropy into our core business model. This includes leveraging IDology’s people, technology and resources to help improve communities both locally and around the world. Our goal is to promote a culture of caring and help our […] An Identity Verification & Fraud Prevention Program Case Study logo

Improving the customer approval process is key, whether your business operates in a financial, retail or government space, and more. As fraudsters constantly develop new tactics to gain access to accounts, products and services, it is up to the organization to employ robust identity verification and fraud prevention techniques that both simplify and enhance their […]