The Growing Use of Mobile Malware

Mobile Malware

As more and more consumers turn to mobile devices to perform online transactions and share sensitive personal data, an increasing amount of fraudsters are embracing malware as a way of targeting them. CSO Online reports that between 2012 and 2013, the number of mobile malware and high-risk apps more than doubled to 1.4 million. And, […]

What Is Influencing Identity Verification Changes in Underwriting?

Debit Cards.

In merchant acquisition, the underwriting process is particular, but it is also necessary in order for organizations to approve new merchant account applications with confidence. Companies must verify the legitimacy of an applicant and evaluate specified financial information before a new account can be activated. Traditionally, this process has relied heavily on manual techniques, which […]

Medical Records Selling for Big Bucks on the Dark Web

Electronic Medical Records

Fraudsters have been targeting financial institutions and organizations for years. However, as more and more healthcare organizations begin to embrace electronic medical records and interactive patient communication, these criminals have begun to shift focus. An indicator of this can be found in IDology’s annual Fraud Report results. In the 2013 report, only 33% of healthcare […]

Tor and Why Fraudsters Exploit It

ID Verification

With each passing day, fraudsters are working to develop fresh ways to target businesses and their customers. As attempted fraud continues to arise in the digital marketplace, website applications and mobile solutions must enable comprehensive identity verification and fraud prevention tools to ensure that a customer is legitimate and not a fraudster using his or […]

The Dark Web Infographic: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Consumer information is becoming increasingly compromised. But where does all of that data go once it is stolen? In many cases, fraudsters turn to what is called the “Dark Web”, a collection of websites that grant users anonymity and can be used to trade and sell data that has been fraudulently obtained. While not all […]

IDology Leadership Video: Global Solutions for an International Marketplace


As your organization looks to expand internationally, developing a strategy that will allow you to benefit from the strength of your domestically deployed identity verification and fraud prevention solutions, on a global basis, is essential. While international growth is a huge opportunity, it also presents new challenges. Issues such as government regulations, data privacy, risk, […]

How EMV is Changing Payments and Fraud


EMV payment capability, which has yet to be employed by organizations in the U.S. but has grown in popularity in countries around the world, uses smartcard technology in order to better protect consumer transactions. EMV cards use an embedded microchip that works to encrypt each transaction for added security and are widely employed by banks, […]

Deterring Identity Fraud with Improved Identity Verification Methods

ID Verification

Deterring identity fraud can be challenging, which is why many organizations turn to robust identity verification programs to authenticate the legitimacy of customers. As fraudsters access an organization’s products and services in increasingly sophisticated ways, companies must constantly monitor for new fraud trends in order to limit their exposure to new tactics. While attempted fraud […]

IDology Adopts a Family in Need this Holiday Season


It started with a wish to give a local family in need a memorable holiday this season and ended with smiling faces and a whole lot of joy in our hearts… There are many families struggling to meet the day to day financial demands of life. During the holiday season, these families are forced to […]

Card-Not-Present (CNP) Fraud Infographic

Card-Not-Present (CNP) fraud involves the unauthorized use of credit, debit and/or corresponding personal identifiable information to make purchases in situations where the customer and merchant do not interact face to face. Recent reports have shown that CNP fraud is growing at a fast rate. About 16 percent of all fraud is due to CNP fraud […]