1-2-3 Jump!

Here we go – I’ve officially entered the professional blog world.  Our Marketing/Creative Type thought this would be a great idea for our company.  After all, everyone else is doing it. Funny… that argument never really worked when I used it on my parents back as a teenager, but I digress. It’s not that I’m not a fan of blogging or don’t see the value – I’m just concerned we won’t be able to pull off balancing our my opinions with the rules and expectations of the blogging world.  But, it’s worth a shot.  I’ll trust all of you blogging diehards to help keep me us in check if we start to lose our way.   

So what will this blog cover and what are its goals?  I will be publishing my thoughts on Identity and all the things happening that are helping to shape/define it.  I’ll cover topics related to consumer privacy, responsible use of data, creating trusted identities, Identity 2.0, technology, and my real passion – protecting our children online.

It’s my hope that this will become a valuable resource for my contacts, colleagues, customers and also my friends and family.  Mostly so they’ll stop looking at me with blank stares whenever I ramble on about identity and consumer privacy and responsible use of data and finally start to understand exactly what it is that I do.  I’ll try to publish a few entries each week but alas I slave away run a rapidly growing company so I tend to run out of hours in a day quite frequently.   And because I know she’s reading this – I will keep my Creative/Marketing Type happy by occasionally telling you what we’re up to here at IDology.  So until then, Cheers. 

– John

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