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What an exciting time to be in identity! I’ve been traveling recently and meeting face to face with various people and top influencers in the ID market to provide a better understanding of just how verification – and in particular knowledge based verification – fits within the identity puzzle. One thing that’s definitely proving to be true is “Seeing Is Believing.”

I’ve found it’s hard to really understand how KBA works unless you experience it and see it in action. Another thing I realized during my travels is just how much is happening (and has yet to happen) in this space to drive the way consumers and businesses will interact. To me, it’s never been clearer that verifying while protecting identity will play a major role.

It also appears that the security industry is starting to embrace identity. Phil Becker of DigitalID World recently wrote in his e-newsletter recapping DigitalID World 2006 :

“I can quit pounding on the theme that security is a subset of identity. In my keynote interview with Symantec’s Rob Clyde, he pretty much *started* by saying security isn’t the issue, it’s identity, data protection and gaining visibility.”

I suspect that we’ll soon see technology development pick up even more within identity management (both external and internal).

And then there is the exciting news that sparked this entry title. We (IDology) were recently named one of the best places to work in Atlanta for 2006. I know, mentioning this could be construed as a shameless plug (because it is!) but it’s a relevant shameless plug because to me this award helps further our market by recognizing that identity is one of the best places to work [in]…

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