Identity Theft Summer Reading List

Those of you not reading Harry Potter this weekend might want to check out Terri Cullen’s book “The Wall Street Journal’s Complete Identity Theft Guidebook: How to Protect Yourself from the Most Pervasive Crime in America.”

Terri is the WSJ’s personal finance columnist. If you read the paper yesterday you might have seen her piece adapted from the book on how to use your credit report to protect against identity theft. In it she discusses what you need to examine on your report, how you should go about correcting errors and the downsides of freezing your credit. There is also a list of services that will monitor reports from all three credit bureaus for you (similar to our partner ID Watchdog but focused solely on credit)

In this WSJ podcast, Terri discusses identity theft – including the newer kinds of identity crime happening in the medical and employment fields – and comments how most people don’t really pay attention to this stuff until someone they know or they themselves become a victim.

She’s right. Even though it seems we can’t go a day without some sort of data breach or identity theft news popping up. I’m betting the concern or fear most people feel when reading these articles hasn’t been enough to overcome their inertia and thoughts of “it won’t happen to me.”

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