The Challenges & Benefits of a Trusted Mobile Identity (Infographic)

The amount of activity on the mobile marketplace has grown exponentially over the last decade, so much so that there are now more people using mobile devices than desktop computers worldwide. As such, the ability to accurately establish and ultimately trust the identity of a consumer in the mobile environment has become a top priority for organizations across a wide variety of industries. Establishing a persistent Mobile Identity for a customer is an important part of this process and comes with a number of challenges that, when properly addressed, can lead to significant benefits.

Click on the image below to view IDology’s newest infographic that takes a look at both sides of this complex issue. First, the infographic explores a few of the complicated challenges that companies face when trying to authenticate a consumer’s Mobile Identity. And secondly, the infographic examines the many benefits that organizations receive once they are able to overcome these challenges, through solutions like IDology’s ExpectID Mobile platform.

Learn more about how IDology’s ExpectID Mobile platform can bridge the gap between the challenges and benefits associated with a trusted Mobile Identity by visiting our Mobile Solutions page now.

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