San Fran or bust…

Digital ID World (DIDW) is next week in San Francisco and I’m really anxious to attend since I was unable to get there last year (gasp!). Different from the RSA show which is focused on security (with identity being a subset), this conference is completely centered on everything identity – from Identity Management (IdM) to Authentication to identity verification (IdV) to ID 2.0. With so much happening in identity these days, I’m looking forward to catching up with some of the best minds in the business to see and hear about all the progress.

First things first – if you want to see our identity proofing technology at work, visit the Symantec booth # 207. Like at RSA, we are again helping to power their Identity Service demonstration by incorporating our knowledge-based authentication process within their demo to show how Identity Providers are establishing trusted identities online. However, different from what was shown at RSA, this demo is more focused on the practical application of the developing identity 2.0 framework and what happens after a trusted identity has been established. Meaning, what is possible for consumers to do with their identity and how to share specific components with a Relying Party (business). Specifically the demo will focus on how to use Cardspace and Open ID technology through Symantec’s Identity Service to interact and conduct business with one of our wine merchant clients. In other words, how identity silos can be broken down.

Along the same ID 2.0 practical lines, I’m really looking forward to seeing and talking with Ping Identity who is partnering up with ACI Worldwide, the world leader in retail payments, to show how:

“Information Cards has applications beyond pure authentication. For example, Information Cards could be excellent for supplying payment data to an e-commerce merchant during a purchase.”

I’d say both these practical use demonstrations are starting to show how much closer we are to enabling Identity 2.0.


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