The Mobile Commerce Environment (Infographic)

When you think of smartphones and the mobile environment, you may think about phone calls, texting or even social media. However, what’s becoming more and more common today is the use of smartphones as tools for accessing banking, payments, shopping, healthcare and other types of applications and websites.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans now own smartphones and 19 percent of those rely on their smartphones for accessing online services. Not surprisingly, mobile commerce is expected to grow at a rate of 42 percent through 2016.

With the convenience of smartphones being able to access their personal accounts across multiple industries, security remains a priority for organizations that have any sort of mobile applications. Tactics fraudsters use include malware, phishing, spoofing and even fake cellular towers to tap into phone calls and text messages.

To see the complete list of statistics and findings for industries where consumers use their smartphones, and to see nine common fraud trends in the mobile industry, check out our complete infographic.

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