Fraud Reports

Since 2013, IDology’s annual Fraud Report measures fraud trends across a variety of industries in order to better understand the identity and fraud landscape, detect emerging trends, and offer insight for businesses. 

About the Research

IDology’s annual fraud survey polls senior executives from a variety of industries – from banking and other financial services, to healthcare, retail, telecommunications, energy & utilities as well as other consumer and business services. Sizes of the companies range from large enterprise organizations to small business as well as non-profit and educational institutions. Respondent titles included C-level executives, vice presidents, directors, managers, and analysts in the risk, fraud, compliance, product, and operations departments.

8th Annual Fraud Report

Without doubt effective digital identity verification (IDV) played a critical role in facilitating the opening of new accounts and delivery of services to help people,....

7th Annual Fraud Report

Eroding trust, increasingly sophisticated fraud schemes, and the California Consumer Privacy Act’s (CCPA) impact on regulatory compliance mark the dynamic nature of today’s fraud landscape.....

6th Annual Fraud Report

The effects of chronic data breaches on our digital world have now taken hold. Rather than implementing verification processes that increase friction, businesses must pursue....

5th Annual Fraud Report

A new era of fraud is upon us, one where major shifts in the fraud landscape have had far-reaching effects across multiple industries. The continuing....

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