Accept More Leads and Approve More Loans, with Less Risk and Friction

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Eliminate Friction

Eliminate Friction

Meet new customer identity verification and authentication demands in a secure, non-intrusive way.
Improve Lead Decision Efficiency

Improve Lead Decision Efficiency

Optimize lead acquisition while decreasing the cost of manual review.
Deter <br>Fraud


Limit fraud losses with advanced detection tools, consortium data, and post-transaction monitoring.
Stay <br>Compliant


Maintain compliance with KYC, TCPA, and other legal requirements with flexible, deterministic solutions.

Lenders can expect a strong return on investment with IDology’s identity verification, authentication, and fraud deterrence platform. Utilizing our unique solutions, online lenders can quickly verify loan applicants’ identities, fast-track approvals, and promptly originate loans to borrowers while also ensuring compliance and stopping fraud losses.

IDology’s trusted identity solutions utilize deep data and advanced technology to go beyond basic identity matching. With these solutions you can verify digital and mobile applicants, gather ID documents with a snap, and authenticate mobile devices quickly to ensure a better user experience while simultaneously deterring fraud. Additionally, our robust, layered verification process utilizes location, activity, email, and mobile phone attributes to provide you with an in-depth risk assessment of both applicants and returning digital customers. With flexible, on-demand identity verification solutions from IDology, you’ll improve lead decisioning and increase customer acquisition while decreasing risk and acquisition costs.


What we like most about IDology’s products are the risk factors listed in the results; they are simple and easy to understand.

– Swetcha B., Risk Analyst. Online Lending Company.


Key Advantages for Lenders

  • Approve more legitimate customers to drive revenue.
  • Real-time identity intelligence improves lead conversion rates and minimizes friction.
  • End-to-end identity verification and authentication solutions, from account origination to covered account management, reduce the need for manual review processes.
  • Keep databases current, supporting lender regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Configurability and flexibility to change settings on the fly, without the need to involve IT.
  • Set separate rules for different business entities or branches.


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