Dynamic KBA

Ask Out-of-Wallet Questions Generated

from External Data Sources

No question about it, it’s difficult to establish trust with new customers when you can’t look someone in the eye, or see an ID in person.  Being able to confirm someone is who they say they are in customer-not-present situations is a powerful fraud protection tool for your business. IDology’s dynamic knowledge-based authentication solution, ExpectID IQ, provides a simple, non-intrusive way to test an identity while also improving customer service and preventing fraud.

ExpectID IQ

Our automated, dynamic knowledge-based authentication solution, ExpectID IQ, verifies customers in a way that won’t alienate them. By asking a series of multiple choice, out-of-wallet questions, businesses can confirm that Bill Anderson truly is Bill Anderson, because only he will know the answers. ExpectID IQ is the most flexible and robust identity verification solution in the market for customer-not-present transactions.  Depending on the level of verification you need, ExpectID IQ can be used as a primary means of identity verification or as a step-up authentication method in certain high-risk situations.

“We examined several different ID verification providers.  Ultimately we decided on IDology because they gave us control with the flexibility of their solutions and the ability to select and change the questions we ask based on what our customers were comfortable with and the risk tolerance that we were comfortable with.”

David Schwarz, Senior Director of Product Management and Product Marketing

How ExpectID IQ Works:

Derived from information in public data records, ExpectID IQ serves up non-intrusive, intelligent questions relating to that person’s history such as something involving a previous address or an associated person.  More advanced than static knowledge-based authentication questions (also called shared secret questions), ExpectID IQ dynamically generates out-of-wallet question sessions based on the defined parameters you establish and does not require you to have an established relationship with the consumer to evaluate the answers. From the number of questions answered correctly businesses can approve the transaction or ask additional challenge questions with ExpectID Challenge.

ExpectID IQ Benefits:

  • Drives revenue by improving the rate of transaction approvals
  • Decreases costs by reducing the amount of manual intervention needed
  • Improves detection of fraudulent activity
  • Simple integration process that doesn’t require installation or additional hardware
  • Provides end-user transparency with flexible control features for the business
  • Easily works with other IDology solutions, including ExpectID Enterprise
  • Builds customer confidence by identifying someone using non-intrusive out-of-wallet questions

Sample Applications:

  • Account Origination
  • Account Updates
  • Password Resets
  • High Risk Transactions
  • Step-Up Authentication
  • Claims Processing
  • Fulfill Promotional Requests
  • Age-Restricted Commerce
  • In-Person Transactions with High Verification Needs

Additional Resources

Want to create custom questions using your own proprietary data?  See ExpectID Enterprise.