Your Business is Different.
Verify Differently.

Every person is unique. So is every enterprise that needs to accurately verify the identity of a new or existing customer online. This is why IDology, the industry’s proven trusted leader, has innovated to deliver the most customizable digital identity verification solution in the world.

More Customers

More Customers

With less friction
More Security

More Security

With better data
Better Compliance

Better Compliance

With superior transparency

Gain a Competitive Edge with Precision Identity Verification

Capturing revenue and retention with secure friction-free onboarding in a changing world isn’t easy.

Firms around the world are challenged with securely locating and approving new legitimate digital customers with minimal effort and friction while deterring ever-sophisticated fraud schemes and maintaining increasing levels of compliance.

Now, COVID-19 is creating massive upheaval to global human behavior, business practices, data patterns, and criminal fraud. Rapid changes in daily life and explosive adoption of digital services by consumers of all ages have resulted in data chaos and upended the identity verification solutions configured from legacy models and assumptions. As a result, enterprises must view and understand novel shifts in their customer data, rework assumptions and meanings, and adjust systems to higher levels of sophistication.

Only IDology can do this.

Without visibility into data intelligence, consortium data, the option to create and customize scoring engines combined with hands on support, human fraud expertise, and machine learning, some firms are left to depend only on restrictive and masked score-based identity proofing models. Notably, numerical returning “Black boxes” that fail to offer data intelligence visibility and instead apply common engine logic across multiple customers and industries. This shortcoming also causes compliance risks as paper trails and decisioning logic (e.g. CCPA data rights requests), are less traceable and incomplete.

Agile identity verification you control

In contrast, IDology empowers organizations to choose and control a nearly infinite number of identity attribute combinations based on their specific industries, business strategies and customer base. The result is an unprecedented level of data control, granularity, and analytical understanding.

Customers further benefit from a powerful roundtrip collection and delivery of data intelligence for additional customer and risk analysis. When applied to a pandemic operating environment in which tectonic changes in global human behavior have driven enormous informational shifts, this level of data visibility, agility, integration and data diversity available at an international scale provides firms with a vital competitive edge.

Flag Known Fraud Attributes

IDology’s Alert List feature gives you the ability to restrict transactions based on specific identity attributes that you control.  Tie into IDology’s Consortium Fraud Network for even more powerful insights with the Network Alert Lists feature, which utilizes the Alert List attributes of all IDology customers who have opted in to the Network.

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